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Remember when Janey said Mass-and-Cass residents would be put in jail cells only as an absolute last resort?

Yeah, about that. GBH reports on today's Not Operation Clean Sweep, including the court appearance of one man whom both the public defender and the Suffolk County assistant DA asked Judge Paul Treseler to send to a treatment program instead of to a jail in Fitchburg:

“Okay,” Treseler responded, denying both requests. “He’s going to Fitchburg.”


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Jails have detox, vivitrol, psych, the Judge probably knows the individulal. Lots of Mass Cass Residents have lots of contact with the CJS, the guy could have multiple warrants and defaults, no rehab is going to make that change.

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Enough to send some random person to jail.

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That's an opinion and actually carries very little legal weight.

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Many homeless get arrested for trespassing and it criminalizes homelessness.

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It wasn't really clear from the article, though.

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Yes. Mayor Janey's statement did not give carte blanche to people with outstanding warrants to go free because they choose to hide out on methadone mile.

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There were three people arrested, out of everyone living in tents.

Two of those three were sent to jail. One was sent to medical treatment.

It sounds like jail WAS in fact a last resort.

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The only reason he would have been sent to Fitchburg would be to clear up a warrant. Warrants are only cleared once you appear at the court from which it was issued. So if you had warrants out of several jurisdictions, you would have to appear at all of them to clear them.

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Ah Courtwatch, a totally non-biased source for news.

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did i miss something?

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So the Roxbury judge ordered him held in jail. He will undergo withdrawal.

That's not objective reporting right there. It may be right, but its snarky and subjective.

An objective way would have been something like "A judge ordered him held at the House of Corrections, a move many Public Health experts say........."

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Just can't stop, can ya?

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Is it subjective? Of course it is. Did you see where I said they were wrong? You just can’t help yourself not being a horrible person all the time.

Seriously, tell me where I was wrong there. You can’t, because you let your emotions take over too much. You need help, and it’s obvious you know this but it’s time to get checked out again and maybe change your therapy program or something.

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until you pointed it out. so yeah, i missed that.

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because i dont.

However, watching and reading the play-by-play on Twitter has been absolutely infuriating.

The court officers were even laughing at this robed clown's happily sadisitic decisions.

Judge Paul Treseler must resign TODAY.

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Recent media interviews with people living down there showed that a substantial number of them are unwilling to go to a shelter. The circumstances of this guy's arrest are not clear, but he must've had outstanding warrant(s).
Acting Mayor Janey has gone to considerable lengths to do this right. The situation down there has become a public safety and public health disaster. To allow it to continue would be an even larger disaster.
Take a look at the attempts to locate the homeless outside of Boston city limits. That is an indication that the surrounding cities and towns are pretty much unwilling to do much of anything other than offer lip service.
If someone has an actual better plan I've yet to hear it.

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Do you want the mayor to control judges?

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If he was sent to Fitchburg, that means he had warrants out of Fitchburg and had to be transported there to appear in court to clear those warrants. A judge in Boston cannot clear those warrants. As this is an article by Tori Bedford, we cannot expect her to include such things like what the charges were. For all we know he had serious charges there.

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That appears to be correct. The docket reflects that he had defaulted on two prior occasions and he was in warrant status following his third default (all three defaults having occurred on scheduled trial dates). The Court's options were to transport him to the Fitchburg Court or recog him to appear on his own (which he had a track record of not doing; and if he's that deep in the throws of addiction, it's unlikely he'd be physically able to get himself to Fitchburg)--it's the job of the judge in Fitchburg to determine if he should be released to a bed, not the judge in Boston.

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You're in for a huge surprise.

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