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Two-alarm fire breaks out on Sunnyside Street in Jamaica Plain

Firefighters at Sunnyside Street fire

Boston firefighters responded to 8 Sunnyside St. in Jamaica Plain for what turned into a two-alarm fire around 10:45 a.m.

The Boston Fire Department reports the fire started in the basement and spread upward.

The department adds "companies were faced with hoarding conditions."

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Speaking of Boston Fire, was there any news of what was happening around Rockne Avenue around 4:45/5 PM Monday?
I was driving on Gallivan near there - passed by a ladder truck and engine that turned into Rockne, they met what looked like another engine at the crest of the hill, I could see another engine in the distance behind me - turning from Gallivan onto Adams to come into the neighborhood from a different angle, and a few blocks later met a ladder truck heading that direction on Morrissey.
There wasn't a trace of smoke in the sky. I remarked to my wife that I hoped all that heavy response with no conspicuous fire didn't mean something like "gas leak" or "carbon monoxide"

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