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Two charged with Methadone Mile drug sales

Seized: $230,000 in cash and stuff

Lot of cash and stuff.

Boston Police report arresting two men in their 50s from Hyde Park and Dorchester on charges they sold crack, fentanyl and suboxone at Mass and Cass and down Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Police say officers armed with a search warrant seized $230,000 in cash along with crack, fentanyl and suboxone in a raid at an apartment at 204 Neponset Valley Parkway in Hyde Park's Readville neighborhood. A separate raid at 27C Dimock St. in Roxbury yielded crack, police say.

Robert Morrison, 56, was arrested at 15 Hamilton St. in Readville, while Greg Bogarty, 58, of Dorchester, was arrested at 13 Laurel St. in Roxbury, police say.

Morrison was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, trafficking Class B drugs and possession of Class B. Drugs. Bogarty was charged with distribution of Class B drugs, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Will this money be used to buy some cool stuff off the record for the police to spy on people?

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Good question. Anytime police seize money it should go to the city general fund. Fare-free T routes would be a good use for it.

They can ask for a tax hike or create a gofundme if they want more cool stuff for spying on the public without a warrant. I'm sure the thin blue line crowd will be happy to contribute.

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I’m sure they’re not the only drug dealers down there.
Hope they arrest more, because if not, this isn’t going to make much of a difference. Gotta start somewhere.

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Looks like they can be sued again at least.

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Has anyone noticed that the addiction wrath didn't change a bit after the government slapped the Sackler dynasty on the wrist? That fucked up guy puking on your brownstone steps didn't cop from the Sacklers ten minutes ago.

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That heroin predates anything the Sacklers did by decades.

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No quarter for fent dealers.

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we could simply not advocate for extrajudicial killings but here we are!

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Doesn't need to be extra judicial.

These guys still deserve a helicopter ride.

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And if I'm being honest, I won't support capital punishment even after due process. It's a deprived form of punishment; it brings us down to the level of those we seek to exact justice from.

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The justice system is fallible, and sometimes mistakes get corrected.

Any number of times people have been exonerated years later on new evidence and released from prison. You can't give them those years back, but it's more than they'd get if they'd simply been killed.

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That is my main reason for opposing the death penalty after being theoretically in support of it for years.

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Duterte would have you shot like a dog for that joint in your car. Open season on "drug dealers" means the cops shoot anybody they want, then stick drugs on their body and walk away. Maybe instead, we should pursue harm reduction and decriminalize being a drug addict - reintegrate people into families and communities. Perhaps you've noticed, people aren't getting shot over weed anymore....

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Hell yeah! More power to the cops!

  • Parked in "their" spot closest to their ma's place in Southie? Saw weed in the car! Catch a bullet!
  • Said Tree-mont, not Treh-mont? Under the influence! Catch a bullet!
  • Driving a vehicle through West Rox without a thin blue line decal? Clearly a mule! Catch a bullet!
  • Pointing out that American judicial and carceral systems have systematically failed to do anything but heap punishment upon those at the bottom of the drug crisis, rather than make progress on the root causes of addiction? Oh you know that's a bullet!

In short, yes, total galaxy brain idea.

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Good job! Keep it going! That is getting to the root! If you stop the root of the invasive problem and government supports law enforcement, it's the only way. Cut off the supply and it makes a statement to fighting for the quality of lives and neighborhoods. Keep it going! Good job ,BPD. I'm hopeful for my new mayor to enforce this constantly. 24/7. Yes!

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Instead of apathy and negative comments we should applaud this. If you stop the street level crack and heroin and fentanyl, then you'll see an improvement. The hospitals already know they are no longer an outlet to use MassHealth for drug abuse (finally). Now it's time to stop an even more powerful conglomerate than Sackler.

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