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Manhole explodes at Cambridge and Bowdoin; two workers injured, traffic a mess

A manhole exploded shortly before 6 p.m. at Cambridge and Bowdoin streets, sending two Eversource workers to Mass. General, one with life-threatening injuries, and creating massive traffic issues in the area.

From across the street, Sonya Dunne reports:

Sounded like the Hill was exploding. Really bad. Could hear the guy. Can't stop shaking and crying. These first responders are amazing people. Ran right in. God Bless them. Christ.

Boston Fire and Eversource crews are figuring out how to deal with the explosion in an underground transformer "vault." OSHA will launch an investigation tomorrow.


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with Congress Street closed under the soon-to-be-demolished Government Center Garage

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Best to avoid the area ...

BPD has officers coming in from other districts to handle calls so A-1 officers can try to deal with traffic.

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New Hardon Road....

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I believe there was also one at State and Congress this morning. That's what was reported on one of the news stations this morning.

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Sitting in this horse shit right now

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and have smelled gas on Cambridge by that very spot for the last few days. It has been like that for years though the intensity seems to ebb and flow. Total negligence on the part of the gas company, and failure of oversight by the DPU.

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I smell gas walking all over downtown. At least in Beacon Hill I can usually look up and see a lamp out. I assume whatever is leaking is dissipated by the moving air, but that doesn't work if is filling a manhole.

The gas company has been replacing gas lines for a few years in Beacon Hill, but ti seems to take months to do one block.

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HEET keeps a map of those spots. The pipes must be like Swiss cheese by now.

Here’s one of their maps: https://heet.org/gas-leaks/gas-leak-maps/

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Nothing to do with gas it was en electrical explosion with a transformer

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37 Bowdoin Street - which is the address of the Grotto Restaurant. 2 Eversource employees taken to the hospital

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Can't defer maintenance and collude to ignore damage forever I guess.

Have to wonder if there is some larger failure going on given the geologic/natural history of the area.

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which closed a lane on Congress St. Plus explosions in the Financial District last month.

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