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Oh, rats: Man and his pet rodent ordered off bus in Jackson Square

Transit Police report an officer responding to some tumult at the Jackson Square T stop around 5 p.m. yesterday discovered "a 56 year old male had his pet rat sitting on his shoulder" on a bus berthed there.

Other riders felt unsafe and exited. The officer explained the policy re:animals on T. The male/rat had to be escorted off.

Sounds like a job for Penelope the snake, except the T didn't like her, either.

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"Small animals like cats and rabbits should be kept in pet carriers."

Sounds like a suggestion.

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Yeah, most big transit systems have formal legal regulations. That isn't one. Does the T have any, besides the state laws about things like smoking and fare evasion?

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Well considering how loose the enforcement with anything on the T is.. Every rule is pretty much a suggestion. Not a requirement.

Including pay fares /snark

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If the rat was just chilling on his shoulder, there's no reason to call the cops on the guy.

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Like the time my brother & his GF visited our house. She was very uncomfortable about the hamster.

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The problem with public transit is the public.

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