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Ribbeted to his seat


Mary Ellen spotted this frog enjoying the early morning mists along the Charles River in Millennium Park in West Roxbury yesterday.


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Just added “pickles” to my shopping list.

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The lack of dorsolateral ridges identifies it conclusively as Rana catesbeiana. The bullfrog's call is a deep "vroom, vroom", and can be heard from now until the middle of August, when their breeding season ends. They and the smaller green frog (whose call sounds like a banjo string) are the last of our local frogs to stop singing.

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No local frog says "ribbet". The only frog in the world that "ribbets" is the Pacific tree frog, which happens to be one of the more common frogs in California, where movies and TV shows are made. Because the frog's call appears in the soundtracks of so many of them, people all over the world have come to associate frogs with "ribbet", even where none of their local frogs comes close to making such a sound.

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Not even when they're in a knee deep body of water?

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