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Somebody at Fenway was a real asshole today

Seth Mnookin expresses his outrage about what happened at the Sox game this afternoon:

Hey, adult white male w/blue baseball cap & goatee in row 5 section 17 of Fenway at today’s Red Sox game: it’s an all-time dick move to take the foul ball that hit my wife in the face instead of letting my kid have it. (I’m not at the game.)

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No one cares that your wife was hit by a ball at Fenway.


It's not very long. The point wasn't what happened to his wife, but to his kid. Really, getting a ball at Fenway was that important to that guy?


Seems made up.


Even if there hadn't been a kid there, someone who just got hit in the face with a foul ball and needs medical attention deserves to be given the frigging ball. She could have been very seriously injured.


please take this ball and get it mounted so you can remember the occasion of getting smashed in the face at the game today. or should i give it to the little boy crying next to you? where is your husband?”


You've never been to a ballgame without telling me …


"Where is your husband"

Seriously, I can't believe she went out in public without a male guardian present, how scandalous! Was she exposing her arms and calves for all the world to see too?


I bet the kid and “saintly” wife and witnesses have their own version too. If it really happened.
I’m filing under hoax.


I've been to hundreds of Sox games in my life. In the scramble to catch and/or protect ones self from a foul ball or a home run, things go quickly. It's often a quick and sometimes competitive physical struggle . The ball takes a few bounces. Most people cant tell if it's bouncing off someone's head or a seat or whatever. The person who ended up with the ball may or may not have seen who or what it hit before it ends up in their hands.

And I know it's one of baseball's infamous unwritten rules that if an adult catches a ball they should give it to a nearby kid. I kept a ball once intending to give it to my nephew, who wasn't at the game. People around me were trying to shame me, and looking at me like I was an evil person. Fuck that. If I want to keep the ball for any reason , I should be able to keep it.

There's another unwritten rule that home runs by some opponents, sometimes, should be thrown back on the field. I saw a guy get ejected after the crowd in the bleachers demanded that the ball be thrown back on the field. The guy did just that and was ejected, because it's actually a written rule that you can't throw things on the field.


Shouldn't this be filed under "Breaking News?"


Probably the most self important tweet of all time. Hit every mark. Tweeting directly @ the Red Sox about a white male with a goatee doing white male goatee things - I’m sure he wasn’t trying to get an apology, front row seats and a signed baseball - to assuage his wife’s pain. The scramble for a foul ball is the stupidest thing in sports and people that steal balls from kids are the worst of the worst but relax with obvious plea for attention from a very semi well know person.


He’s twitting as a self important white male about he potential identical twin.

Also no real need to include his racial description when tweeting about Fenway.


Pot meet kettle twitter buddy. Twitter guy probably lives in Camberville


The offender sounds like he's right out of Masshole central casting.


It’s a good life lesson for the next participation trophy generation.


The participation trophy generation are the boomers who invented them and gave them to kids who didn’t ask for them.


Yeah I never understood when the parental generation insults their children's their children's generation. If the generation is messed up (and I'm not saying they are) who raised them???

Plus the generation doing most of the attacking had the advantage of coming of age during one of the biggest booms in US history. THEIR parents built a country that rewarded people for simply going through the motions.

Learn to count, Kinopio.

Both the Tweeter and the Tweetee seem like real jerks to me. By the way, did you read the Twitter updates? Equally annoying. I'm glad I don't live next door to this guy and his family.

Update: my saintly wife hung out outside player’s lot after the game and my son got a ball signed by Christian Arroyo, who hit the foul that nailed my better half. (Also got sigs from Garrett Whitlock and Plawecki.) Moral of the story: my son has no idea how good he has it.

Further update: my son was like, “Dude, you hit my mom with a foul ball” to Arroyo; he apologized and came over to sign.

Final update: When Kutter Crawford walked by, my son told me wife, “We don’t want his signature. He’s not vaccinated.” That’s my boy!


Him and his 10 followers


The son sounds like he'll be a featured poster on UH in a few years.


Was at the game on Wednesday and the right fielder threw a ball to a group of kids and some donkey grabbed it. Cheered like he just won the lottery and put it in his bag while 6 little kids all under 10 just cried and parents looked on in disbelief. People are unbelievable.

…. and self serving. When he claims his kid doesn’t know how good he has it, my sympathy for the kid really sunk in. A pawn in this guy’s ego boosting tool box. There is more to this story he’s not telling.
What a complete asshole this so called father is.

Could be parody. But it doesn’t entertain.


It's amazing how many assholes there are on this site. Guy's wife gets hit in the face with a baseball. Asshole response: "Get over yourself. Nobody cares if your wife got hit in the face with a baseball." More than 30 assholes give that asshole comment a thumbs up.

Adam's calm reply also received more than 30 thumbs up, so there are good people here. also. But, damn. What a miserable bunch of unhappy pricks those other people must be.


Second this, suldog. Good lord.

Things are not always as they seem initially


Please explain the relevance.

Twitter boy made it seem like he was the victim throwing around his white hatred, but the problem is that he’s an attention whore that’s also white.

The kid should have tossed a slice of pizza at goatee man.

the description be generic like:
the assailant was an average height/build asian/black/caucasion male wearing dark clothing driving a late model car or s.u.v. (he or she may or may not have an accomplice/s).

but a stolen foul ball at fenway be like:
adult white male wearing blue baseball cap and goatee in row 5 section 17 of fenway at todays red sox game; light blue short sleeve button down shirt, fitbit on left wrist, goatee, blue cap, holding a baseball.



in all of that melee and bruhaha while being checked out by medical staff, how can he be so specific that it is a fitbit branded smartwatch and not a galaxy-gear or iwatch ?


In one of his tweets he says his wife took a photo of the guy.

While receiving medical attention and watching her kid.

Very impressive.

but still seems like obsessing over such a minute detail for something so inoffensive.

like, where was he when the tsarnaev brothers were on the run ?

Is that considered tea-bagging? If so, the "saintly" wife can now say she was teabagged by a Christian (Arroyo), which makes this a biblical event.


Aside from the odd angles in this case- People have gotten really weird about the pursuit of foul balls over the last few years- Seems some people think no matter the circumstance adults should hand the ball over to the nearest child- Paul Lukas did a recent UniWatch column about this phenomenon

Women drilled in the face by a foul ball at a nationally televised event, with 10’s of thousands of people, all of whom have cameras in their pockets and not a single other mention anywhere on the interwebs.

I’m calling BS.

The older I get and never catching a fly ball at a baseball game (and I get to 8-10 a year), the more I wonder if I would keep it for myself instead of giving to some random kid just because they're a kid.

That kid will have another 50 years of attendance to catch his own. I won't.

At what age are you looking old enough for everyone to think you should keep it because you won't have many games left?


Devils Advocate If you are that close to your imminent demise then what happens to the ball? You hand it to a younger friend or relative who will just end up using it for pick up games. The little kid with at least fifty years left will have a life time to enjoy it

I'll be dead though, so I won't care either.

My great uncle was a Guardians (nee Indians) fan his whole life having grown up in Cleveland.

I don't know if it was a game-used ball or a fresh one but he got it signed by Warren Spahn. I found it when his daughter let my family look through his personal affects. I took it home with me along with some other baseball mementos. It's a cool connection to him and MLB history that I have. Maybe some family member of mine would have the same.

Again, either way, I won't care at that point. I'll be dead.

that candy is too sugary for babies' delicate digestive tracts to handle yet, which means I have carte blanche to take candy from any baby I see. Sucks for you, infants.