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Spring house shopping in West Roxbury

Bluebird looking for a good nesting site at Millennium Park

Mary Ellen spotted a male bluebird checking out a possible nesting site in Millennium Park this morning.


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and waive inspections to get that home?

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This reminds Magoo of the time Magoo was a professional wrestler and strutted around the ring in a canary smuggler. Magoo.

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7% bird, 2% wire legs and feet, 91% beautiful floof!

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Which are nasty little effers that kill bluebirds and take over their nests. They may look cute, but those house sparrows you see everywhere are invasive and have done a number on the native eastern bluebird population over the years. There are ways to control and curb them, the easiest way being to destroy eggs and nests if you come across them, and it's perfectly legal, because as an invasive specie, they're not covered by the MBTA.

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The secret to house shopping is your roommate.

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