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Top aide to sheriff announces run for sheriff

Sandy Zamor Calixte, who has worked for the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department since 2006, announced today she is running for the top job in this fall's election.

In her announcement, she said she respects Tompkins but it's time for a change, one that better ensures people leaving jail are able to return to society.

After 16 years of service, I filed my resignation from the Department because after working within the system pushing behind the scenes for change, it is clear to me that the only way to implement the change we need in this Department to better serve our community is new leadership.

Tompkins told WGBH today he is running, and used a Batman-like metaphor to welcome his new competitor:

I hate to lose her, but I welcome her to the battlefield. Let’s dance.


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Sandy is an amazing person.

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