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Trumpie Boston cop from West Roxbury on medical leave moves to New Hampshire but still finds the time to come down here to protest vaccinations

The Globe reports on the peregrinations of Joe Abasciano, who is, among other things, still under investigation for a possible 1/6 role. He's the second Trumpist on the West Roxbury Republican Ward Committee to move to greener pastures: Ex-Bircher Hal Shurtleff also decamped for New Hampshire.


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That this 1/6 traitorous asshole has been vacationing on paid leave for 13+ months on the backs of Boston taxpayers is unconscionable.

BPD union officials: This is Exhibit A why your reputation is currently garbage. Cut this asshole loose. That it's taken 13 moths to investigate this medical claim shows you're either incompetent or complicit. And let's not forget this is coming less than a week after another BPD officer (also potentially living outside of Boston, in violation of rules) was charged with FIFTEEN counts of various kiddie points charges.

Mayor Wu: this city needs IMMEDIATE oversight of BPD and, in particular, their "medical leave" which seems to constantly be abused--at our expense.

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Time to reallocate BPD funding.

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As often with cases like this, the city of Boston employee salary database reveals interesting nuggets.

The insurrection was on 1/6/21, and it seems like Joe Abasciano was well enough to partake. Yet his 2021 pay shows that out of his $120k earning that year, $7.5k was regular pay, $87k was “injured” (injured feelings?) and $23.6k came from the Quinn Bill; a reward for his high educational achievements. This doesn't take into account the overtime paid to others to compensate for Abasciano’s “injury” leave.

Thankfully there are some good guys/gals in this story; among them NBC News who aggressively pursued the case as well as Andrea Campbell. To my pleasant surprise, new D-4 councilor Brian Worrell (who was endorsed by the BPPA and replaced Campbell) has also been vocal about getting BPD to release the records on the matter.




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Wow Adam you are obsessed. And don't try to label me as a Trumpie. I volunteered for Warren. I'm just able to move on.

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1/6 was a cornucopia of crimes that threatened to brush aside over 200 years of a republic arcing towards democracy and justice. We as a nation shouldn't "move on" until we're satisfied that, from the architects of the insurrection down to the last feeble-minded minion, those culpable have been identified, given their day in court, and where found guilty, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period.

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The Jan 6 investigation is still open, cases are being tried, and the feds are working from the bottom up. US Attorney in District of MA has charged a dozen people. US Attorney in D.C. has charged over 800. The most significant charges so far are seditious conspiracy.

What I don't understand is how Officer Joe gets a medical disability 20 days after Jan 6 and has been out of work, getting paid, and driving from NH to Boston to take part in vaccine mandate protests.

Last time the Globe reported I didn't understand the significance of Joe calling Pence's conduct traitorous. We've learned since then more about Trump's plan to overturn the election and Pence's key roll in it. Here's a sentence I never imagined writing: Thank god for Dan Quayle.

I don't know why this investigation is in the hands of Boston Police or why it would take 14 months.

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And I want the BPD to be razed and rebuilt.

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The Boston Globe story is currently the most read story on their website, but sure, Adam is the one with the problem.

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Right winger: "Time to move on from the half-assed coup attempt of barely a year ago! So we can make Hilary Clinton pay for her crimes at Benghazi!"

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shows that there have been 8 stories on this in the last calendar year, all of which are linked to new stories that had just happened based on this. Would you really call that "obsessed"?

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Очень хорошо, мой друг. Да здравствует путин

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I'd be interested in finding out what proportion of the 1/6 mob works or worked in law enforcement. If I had to bet, I'd put my money on them being greatly overrepresented compared to the population generally.

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Trump loving sky pilot Lou Murray to move to Florida!

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Joe Abasciano sold his house on Vermont St. within the last year or so. If he is in NH now, I highly doubt he plans on returning to work again.

I knew him as an acquaintance and if you knew nothing else about him, he would seem like a
pretty decent guy. Not some foam-mouth, fox-news raving lunatic like it might appear

Sad he got sucked in by all this Hal Shitleff, right-wing conspiracy bullshit.

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