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WFXT sold; Boston to get second media outlet owned by a hedge fund

WFXT logo

Cox, which bought WFXT from Fox, is selling the station to no, not Lox, but hedge fund Standard General, which says it will make the station "a foundation" of its new broadcast group.

Alden Media Capital, another hedge fund, bought the Boston Herald in 2018.

The WFXT move is part of Standard General's $5.4-billion effort to swallow Tegna, the made-up name for what used to be Gannett's broadcast wing before Gannett's newspaper group got swallowed by GateHouse, which then changed its name to Gannett.

Standard General says it has big plans for the Dedham-based WFXT:

Soo Kim, Founding Partner of Standard General L.P., said, "We are delighted to be acquiring WFXT/Boston, which will serve as a foundation for our new station group and provide our new company with a historic legacy from its very start."

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Does the station have a pox?

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Channel 25 actually did broadcast the Red Sox several years back, when Fox owned the station. The logo for the broadcasts said Sox on Fox.

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The association with its parent network in this market was too tox.

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At least they didn't sell it to Mr. Burns!

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Next snow storm they will not send out 35 reporters to tell us its snowing, because they know t's stupid and people make fun of them for doing it. .
Will they?

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It’s Boston 25 News, they will send out 25 reporters.

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i remember watching music videos on a fuzzy screen on one of those u.h.f. channels (25 mhz ?).

viewers would call a 900 number to request their favorite tunes (parents just dont understand).

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