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The Red Line commute's a beast, due to a train that's deceased

The MBTA reports delays of "up to ten minutes" on the Braintree Line due to a train that up and died near Quincy Center. Cat City, though, reports:

Been waiting for a train at Quincy Center for 30

The Green Line also had problems with a dead trolley at Haymarket.

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Something's really rotten with the MBTA system, given the fact that there are so many problems cropping up. The dead trains on the Red Line are the latest, and the worst, so far. My god...the MBTA needs a complete overhaul before more of this stuff happens.

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I wish you wouldn't wake me every time something trivial happens.

Santa and I share our lists, you know.

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Only single cars on C service out of North Station. And they were using the loop at Kenmore to turn D trains back westbound. While the latter is not uncommon when they have problems, the way they decided to inform passengers of this change caught my attention. Normally, they make PA and message board announcements advising passengers to take B and/or C trains to Kenmore and transfer to D service there. Instead, I overheard the dispatcher instructing at least two B trains between Park Street and Copley to change their signs and AVIs to D service, with the note to each train "You're still a B train, and you will change your signs and AVIs back to BC after you leave Hynes.

File this one under "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it firsthand."

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