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C Line service gets whacked in the knee by a driver in an SUV

SUV on Green Line tracks at Englewood

Henry Wong shows us the SUV whose driver somehow managed to get the vehicle's wheels ensnared on the inbound tracks of the C Line near Englewood Avenue sometime after 6:30 p.m. The T reports it had to stop trains at Coolidge Corner and bring in some buses to get riders between there and Cleveland Circle.



And they have to bus from way back at Coolidge Corner?
Can't they just ram the SUV off the tracks?

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It almost certainly has to do with where they are able to switch the train from one track to the other so that it can reverse direction. There aren’t that many places where they can do this.

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Obviously driver error, but given the area where this happens is also an area with a lot of new residents and visitors, there must be a way to improve the pavement markings and signs.

Seems like a lot of these lately.

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Or anything that tells you where to turn leading you to turn without looking at where you are turning.

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It's very clearly demarcated by big granite curbs and trees and such. This isn't a street running trolley. But if you really want something more to dissuade drivers, I would be open to any proposals that involve tank traps and land mines.

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