Red Line riders have time for extra cannoli; Goddamn trains are running so wicked slowly

The MBTA reports workers are continuing to hammer away at JFK/UMass signal problems that have turned Red Line trains into giant turtles with seats.


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You're wrong

I'd say it's one of the best headlines of the year. Like a good connoli, I'll shall savor it.


Despite this insolence

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Adam often chooses journalistic integrity and allows these posts to remain. He is a great man. If it were me, I would IP ban Republican and memory hole all of his prior posts.

Misleading Headline

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Where, on the Red Line, is there anyplace to get good cannoli?



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religious position and furthermore to complain on that basis is beneath the dignity of this forum. the post, i thought was fine.

In defense of Adam

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Even great journalists run out of clever lines after the one thousand stories of mishaps on the MBTA.

My gut

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Is that "Republican" was being facetious. There's a bad pun in his comment, so bad that it appears that people need to be explained it. He's using the word "unsavory" in relation to the word cannoli being used, cannolis being sweet snacks. Savory food is not sweet.

If only...

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They served cannolis on the trains, that might add some extra revenue and prevent unneccessary fare hikes. It's all a pipe dream though...

Not just sweets

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Ever been to Japan? They have women with narrow carts who come through their "commuter rail" trains with candy and fruit and soda and tea and beer. I have always thought the T should do that!