A horse and wires in old Boston

Building in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. The other side of the building.





Cleveland Cirlcle

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Riverside train runs behind this relic. It may now be the ubiquitous condo artifact of Boston


The Sam Adams Brewery

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The Sam Adams Brewery entrance to their office and parking lot through their gate entrance on Porter Street in JP.


Heath St

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Looks like building at end of Heath St by Brewery,pickle factor now lofts


This is a stumper

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But going by the overall look of the area, I'm going with the greater Fort Point area.

That said, it also resembles the Baker Chocolate area, but I don't see why a city agency would be photographing that.

Sign in background

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The building at far right has a sign on the roof -- visible letters appear to be ...WORTH... (in mirror image). Might be a clue.

Also, looking carefully at the two pictures, i think the second one is not the back of the building at the first photo. Rather, the photographer for the 2nd photo is standing in the driveway, in front of the large "garage door", and is looking to our left. At extreme right in the 2nd photo are the arched windows and the vines that you see to the left of that large door in the 1st photo. And just to the left of those arched windows in the 2nd photo are a window and a door in a second building -- which match the window and door in the building at extreme left of the 1st photo.

Worthern as in woolen?

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Looks like a barn for a street car railway next to a wool manufacturer?


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The Old Car barns off of Harrison Ave in the South End?

The Answer

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Thanks for playing, folks! These photos show the House of Correction property on East First Street in South Boston. The photo was taken in 1916

Barn says I.

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Garage door + horses inside = barn.


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back of the fire station on Huntington Ave and Ruggles?

When and where

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Can you locate an answer as I have no clue, as usual !