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Man shot in Harvard Square

Cambridge Police report roving fights between two groups of men in several locations around Harvard Square ended with an 18-year-old man getting shot in the area of Eliot and JFK streets around 3:30 a.m.

Police say the wounded man, who is expected to recover, did not wait around for them; he got himself to a nearby hospital.

Officers recovered several shell casings on Eliot Street.

Police added that as part of the investigation into the shooting, officers arrested a 27-year-old Roxbury man on a charge of distribution of marijuana.

Anyone with information about the shooting or the fights that preceded it can call police at 617-349-3300 or contact the anonymous tip line by calling 617-349-3359 or texting a message, starting with TIP650, to 847411.

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I'm 33 but I know Harvard saw use be worse

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and ending up near the pit late at night drinking, accosting college kids and drunk bums

not sure what idyllic utopia youre referring to

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Harassing a few college kids and drunks? That's nothing. Try a full scale riot like the one that broke out in Harvard Square during an anti -Vietnam War protest on April 16, 1970.

Extraordinary photos here:


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"We got a badass over here."

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Elsewhere around Cambridge.

Via http://rwinters.com

"May 7, 2019 - New Cambridge City Council candidates emerging from winter hibernation.
The incumbents (assuming, for the moment that they all seek reelection) will be joined by a number of challengers. Here's the list so far:
1) Burhan Azeem ... [ https://twitter.com/realBurhanAzeem/with_replies ]
2) Charles Franklin ... [ https://twitter.com/cjfranklin92/with_replies ]
3) Adriane Musgrave ... [ https://twitter.com/abmusgrave/with_replies ]
4) Ben Simon ... [ https://twitter.com/btobiassimon/with_replies ]
5) Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler ... [ https://twitter.com/VoteJivan/with_replies ]

6) Nicola Williams ... [ https://twitter.com/WilliamsAgency/with_replies ]

Several other candidates who ran in 2017 are expected to run again in 2019. They'll be added as confirmed." http://rwinters.com/elections

"2019 Cambridge City Council Campaign Bank Reports
You can sort the table by any field or open the full spreadsheet which will be frequently updated."

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is the gun violence connected to the city council candidacy declarations, I wonder

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If the Cambridge City Council released the stenographic record of their meetings.

Seriously, running gun battles in Harvard Square is not the norm.

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if the United States' whole gun culture is any indication.

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deep breaths, everyone

its a city, shit happens

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Knowledge will make us safer!

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