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Green Line slowed to the max due to car on the tracks

Car on the Green Line tracks along Commonwealth Avenue

Somehow, a driver wound up on the B Line at Pleasant Street around 1:30 p.m. Kyle MacDonald reports the driver looked "a little shaken up, but OK."



Trigger warning for the car-apologists: I'm heavily speculating here.

Imma go with taking the turn too fast while trying to beat the light from Pleasant St.

Of course, it could totally be a medical emergency but come on, where the fun in speculating about that.


It's possible she was headed down Comm Ave when someone on the cross street made a right turn on red and the driver of the white car overcompensated and swerved, thus ending up on the tracks.

Not suggesting the white car driver isn't at fault, but there could be more people to blame.

I mean, the red light beating is speculation, but there is definitely evidence of a wide right turn, most likely at speed. If the car was 10 feet closer to the intersection, the swerving theory would be more valid, but it really does look like a wide right.

But then again, none of us were there.

Then followed the track/granite for a bit. Don't know.

I'd put my money on 'consulting' with a GPS or Waze and not paying attention.

Probably just following the GPS directions.

Part Deux?

Word drive s/b driver.

The driver is okay, the drive was a disaster.