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A sick person on a train tied up the entire Red Line this morning - way more than usual, that is

Shortly before 9 a.m., somebody fell ill on a car on a Red Line train just outside North Quincy station, which naturally led to delays so T personnel and EMTs could get the person off the train and to help. But, of course, this is the post-JFK-derailment era on the T's most heavily used (if not quite as much anymore) subway line, so things quickly went south - or rather, nowhere at all:

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Fuck the MBTA. They suck so bad. I hate them. They all suck. From the top of it's food chain to the very bottom. They all suck. THEY HATE US RIDERS SO I'M GONNA HATE THEM BACK!!!

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On the way home last Wednesday, 7/3 - the night of Gloucester's parade - the AC broke on the 3:30 Rockport train from North Station. The crew tried to fix it, to no avail. The temperature in the car had to be at least 90 degrees, and it was rush-hour level crowded with people getting out of work early and more people heading up to the beach for the long weekend. Passengers were getting sick with symptoms of heat stroke. I'm glad the crews made the decisions to keep the train running, with as many guarded doors open as possible for air flow, but the lack of oversight and Charlie-not-on-the-MBTA's push to privatize (e.g. cash in) wherever possible is literally affecting not just voters' bottom lines, but their health now.

Action was needed years ago. Now the MBTA is an emergency.

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"Passengers were getting sick with symptoms of heat stroke. "

No they weren't. If they were, the crew would have stopped the train and waited for an ambulance.

If someone can't handle 90 degree temperatures sitting still, it's not safe for them to leave the house in the summer.

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CR routes typically run in the middle of nowhere. By design, they meet with roads as seldom as possible. If the crew "stops the train and waits for an ambulance", they'll probably be waiting for a damn long time.

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has good hair.

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for at minimum 1 year. Washington DC metro was also going be shutdown in a similar fashion because. After a year gauge the economic damage that occurred.

I was in NYC last week. Their MTA is also on it's death bed.

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Which part of MTA? NYCTA subways? "Death bed"? No, not really.

They're not at their best, improvement is slow & expensive, and they've got an idiot Governor and Mayor, but - they're actually functioning. I was down there two weeks ago on the subway. They've got redundancy and options there - they had the whole run of the Lexington Av Express tracks closed for track bed/rail work, were doing work in multiple locations, and running everything on the local tracks. They've got an army of people just putting up notices - online and in the stations and for on-train announcements - for closures & disruptions and what you'll need to do to get around them.

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The T would run just fine if there were no riders.

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Officials in a city in England launched an investigation after receiving numerous citizens' complaints about the poor municipal bus service. One persistent gripe was that bus drivers frequently passed by stops with numerous would-be passengers, even though the buses had plenty of space to accommodate them.
The bus company responded that drivers would not be able to keep to their schedules if they had to keep stopping for passengers.

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