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With its longtime Fenway home set to be bulldozed for apartments, comedic theatrical troupe moves to South Boston

The Gold Dust Orphans, who have been performing at Machine on Boylston Street in the Fenway since 1995, are moving to the Lithuanian Club, 368 West Broadway in South Boston, where they will open with "Christmas on Uranus," starting Dec. 5.

A British company is currently seeking BPDA approval to replace the block that now houses Machine with a 445-unit apartment building. The company is planning to include a 10,000-square foot LGBTQ-themed theater to make up for the end of Machine and its place in Boston's LGBTQ community.

In announcing the move, Gold Dust Orphans co-founder Ryan Landry praised Machine and owner Henry Vara.

It is SO hard to leave you but at least we can say that we have had MANY laughs, a few fights and loads of adventures together!

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Glad they found a new home, have not seen any of their shows in Boston but have enjoyed their summer musicals in Provincetown for a number of years. Will have to try to catch this show.

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Lots of laughs. Best troupe in Boston, bar none.
Hope their new place has the same vibe. The “Ramrod” was quite the space.
Can’t wait to see the Christmas show.

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I'm showing my age, but before Machine/Ramrod on Boylston Street I remember the original "Herbie's Ramrod Room" on Carver Street, which was basically a back alley near Park Square. Very old time sawdust-on-the-floor kind of place with ceiling fans. When they erected the Transportation Building in the late 70s/early 80s Carver Street was pretty much eliminated. That's when Ramrod moved to Boylston.

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Much like Doyle's(and Machine, ManRay, Ground Zero, Rat, et al) many people lament the loss of these buildings while most of us forget that it's the people that make the scene, not the brick and mortar boxes we play in.

Here's to a bright and hopefully successful endeavor in a very different new home and may a whole new generation find the same joy that we did.

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Except that South Boston is a bit off the beaten path compared with Boylston Street in the Fenway or any venue in or nearer the center of Boston, i.e.- Copley, Kenmore and Park Squares, Downtown Crossing, etc.

And while certainly it is the "people who make a scene," I also disagree that the buildings themselves don't matter. I am glad I was young and going to bars and nightclubs when Boston still had a characteristic and funky look to it and one could still enjoy a cigarette indoors, with a beer or cocktail. Nowadays the only way one could possibly tell a gay venue in Boston is if it was in some skyscraper with the address of "One Buttfuck Place."

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