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Person found shot at entrance to Sullivan Square station

In the back and leg, around 11:15 p.m., Live Boston reports. Police are investigating whether he was shot somewhere else, then left at the T stop.

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From ny experience I'd say shot in the station. Then the witnesses boarded the train and left

Probably teenagers.

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Maybe I should have included this in the original post, but surveillance cameras showed him getting dumped out of a car, which came from Somerville (which doesn't mean he was shot there, though).

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Which means the actual crime scene may never be found.

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Somerville starts about 1/4 mile west of I-93. If the car came off the I-93 ramp, it didn't come from Somerville. Do we know if it came from Washington Street, Broadway, or I-93?

I do not see a link to a surveillance video at the link you provided.

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Could you elaborate?

Sounds more like standardized storytelling to me, but, hey I use that station frequently at all hours when I'm not teleworking.

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It was a different station on the same line. Massachusetts Avenue Station quite a few years ago. Kids (Teenagers) were arguing when out came a .45 and one kid shot the other in the leg. The shooters group took off running through the Northeastern exit while to kid who was shot tried to leave through the MA Ave side. I don't know if he made it out because the train came and everyone boarded.

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