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Driver slams into South Boston pizza place; six residents in building evacuated

Car that slammed into pizza place on Broadway in South Boston

The Boston Fire Department reports that a driver crashed into McGoo's Pizzeria on West Broadway at Dorchester Street around 1 a.m. The driver was taken to the hospital and six residents of the building had to be evacuated. Firefighters used a load-bearing column to shore up the building until it could be inspected and repaired.

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you've gotta understand, cars are going to hit you.


That new 2 series has been out for all of 6 months and already people are slamming them into pizza places?

This post is a good example of drivers valuing cars over people and property.


a car is property.


Yet the driver of the car is a person.



Just waiting on him to comment



Assuming McGoo’s doesn’t make it back after this, what will replace it?

DraftKings has the betting odds:
40% - Nail Salon
35% - Real Estate Brokerage
20% - High-end Restaurant owned by Lincoln/Loco group
5% - Mobile Phone Store
0% - Daycare Center
0% Green Grocer

Really shows disconnect between what Southie needs and what Southie wants.


Branch of major national bank.


Old Southie lore. Someone will know.

McGoo was McGonagle's nickname.

Looks like you'll have to spill the beans.

The state is willing to make enormous changes to the economy in a justifiable attempt to slow or stop the spread of COVID.

But enforce laws in the name of public safety? That's too much of an ask.


What law went unenforced to cause this crash?

Little things lead to big things. People who get into major crashes are the types of drivers who routinely break other traffic laws without consequence. So if traffic laws are religiously enforced, you'll lower the number of major crashes.

In this case, it's unlikely that driver was a model motorist up until this point.


These types of crashes (car into wall/house/building) often involve medical issues, or an elderly driver who hits gas versus brake.

Unlike the woman going 100mph who flipped her car on the Pike, those crashes are almost always bad drivers with a history of it.

Actually, these types of accidents at 1 am are mostly caused by DRUNK DRIVERS!


Someone who has a medical condition, lacks good vision, reflexes, etc shouldn't be on the road in the first place.

Completely unexpected medical and mechanical problems are very, very rare.


And crashes like this are pretty rare too. They are often caused by heart attacks, seizures, etc.

"Pizza" is a very broad term when used in conjunction with McGoo's. Beautiful building exterior save for the first floor, would be a shame if it couldn't be repaired.

One of the things tried in the 80's was for the City to drop a little investment in these buildings. This building got some. The building at the corner of Dot Ave and Adams (One Fields Corner), the Lithgow Building in Codman Square, and I think Rourke's in Brighton amongst others were slightly spiffed up in order to stabilize what were dying local shopping areas.

They have still have those programs, though major renovations are a matching grant. Fields Corner has had several recipients in addition to the Lenane Building, all facilitated by Fields Corner Main Street. Including the building on the corner of Dot Ave and Faulkner St, The Blarney Stone, the Levenbaum Insurance building (which was a movie theater in the 80s), the Golden Building, and some others I am forgetting. It is a great program available to small businesses and commercial landlords all over the city. https://www.boston.gov/departments/small-business-development/storefront...