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Firefighters rescue woman, two kids from South End fire

Firefighters from Ladder 4 rescue child at West Newton Street fire.

Firefighters from Ladder 4 rescue child. Photo by Jason M. Pratt.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 68 West Newton St. in the South End at 9:05 a.m. for what turned into a two-alarm fire.

Firefighters put a ladder up the side of the building to rescue a mother and her children from a balcony on the third floor.

Video of one rescue by Jason M. Pratt:

Pratt also captured the fire before firefighters arrived:

The department reports the fire displaced eight people, two turtles, a cat and a dog, but adds, "not all pets made it."

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Good job by firefighters!

Minor quibble: Would you consider that the 4th floor?

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You're right.

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how do we know the firefighters didn't go up into the fourth floor to get them out?

either way BFD is THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY and Ladder 4 is the cream of the crop

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Even if they had, the balcony is still on the third floor.

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in the old brownstones, the parlor level (inside the front door that you see in this picture which is at the top of an external staircase) is often actually the 2nd floor, above a "street" level 1st floor with a side entrance under the stairs (and also a basement below that). So in this case, 4th floor (or even 5th) may be more accurate here, you know, technically...

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Yes, 4th Floor. Many of these Row houses have a 1st floor basements, which are not visible from the front of the building. My building is similar.

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In my experience (Braddock Park, Massachusetts Ave, Shawmut Ave, West Brookline St) the apartment entered through a door under the stairs has always been the basement, and there may be a garden level below that. The first floor is entered at the top of the steps, and once inside the floors ascend accordingly.

All bets are off in Europe, though :-)

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Thankfully Boston firefighters were able to rescue those that needed it!
So sorry for the hopefully only temporary loss of everyone's home, esp. so close to the holidays and during the pandemic.

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