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Children's Museum to close though January 7

The Boston Children's Museum announced today it's closing Monday and won't re-open until at least Jan. 7 due to rising Covid-19 rates in the Boston area.

While disheartening during this time when the Museum normally welcomes thousands of children to enjoy festive exhibits and programs, we are confident that this step is in the best interest of our staff and visitors.

As when it closed earlier this year, the Museum is not presently closing the building or shutting down Museum operations. Museum business will continue with staff working remotely and some socially distanced in the building. With the short-term closure, staff will be working on virtual programming, grant-based project work, and staying connected with the many community endeavors the Museum is a part of.

The museum says people who purchased tickets in advance between Monday and Jan. 7 will get refunds.




I guess thats one way to avoid the controversy of the PBJ Cafe...


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Our copy of the Sunday Globe today came with two stickers on the front page advertising the new Stonewall Cafe. Not a single mention of PB or J.

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That name is what it should have been called.

But yeah. I was just being funny, I know they opted for a new name.

And good call on that. Esp around the holidays as its usually a busy time with everyone on break.

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Why was it open?

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Because Baker and Walsh think indoor dining and museums are safe, apparently. Other states and cities are following the data, in mass (and other states led by Republican governors), we're following the money.

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Ya that right wing Children's Museum is lining the pocket of it republican overlords.

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Because all the museums were allowed to open at the start of Phase 3, and they all did so.

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It's a sensible move.
Even if levels didn't get any higher, there's just too much likelihood being an involuntary cluster/superspreader destination over school vacation if they didn't close. Families, kids cooped up, less destination-out opportunities this year like sports, movies, shopping, restaurants - people will say "Let's take the kids to the childrens' museum - that'll be safe!".
I applaud them for making the tough call. They might have had some high-traffic days and revenue. But at best it would be a stress-headache and at worst it would be a super-spreader event.

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