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Man arrested with loaded gun and $44,000 in cash next door to West Roxbury police station, police say

Officers from the E-5 drug unit didn't have far to go yesterday to arrest Rafael Vargas Mariano - they just walked next door on Centre Street to the 7-Eleven and there he was, police say.

Police say drug-unit officers had the store under watch as part of an investigation when they arrested Vargas Mariano, also known as Yordani Miguel Romero, around 3:50 p.m.

Officers were able to safely recover a loaded .380 caliber Ruger handgun from the waistband area of the suspect’s pants. Additionally, the officers seized $44,240.00 in U.S. Currency from inside a plastic bag the suspect was carrying.

Police did not provide further details of the investigation.

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Even if was all in hundreds, $44,000 would fill a pretty good sized bag.

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$44,000 is 440 $100 dollar bills and would fit nicely in the inside pocket of my blazer (unfolded). No need for a small bag even!

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I could imagine someone getting creative with 3rd party shipping stuff via that as a dropbox.

I'd be a terrible criminal, can't imagine just walking around literally next door to a police station in a quiet neighborhood with $44k in cash and a gun.

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Seems like that would make you a better criminal than this guy!

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Maybe he came in to buy a week's groceries and figured the bill might run to 5 figures.

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He had to play his numba's khed!

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