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Firefighters work to keep dog from going down the drain at Millennium Park

Firefighter at Millennium Park drain

Update: WCVB reports the dog, a foxhound named Hubert, but nicknamed Bubba, has been rescued.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters are at the top of Millennium Park in West Roxbury working to free a dog trapped in a drainage pipe. The park is the former Boston city landfill, now capped with clay, a plastic liner and grass-covered dirt, along with a variety of pipes for draining rain and collecting methane gas.


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Magoo hopes over hope that little doggie is rescued. :-(. Magoo


I’ve got the scanner on (due to a fire on Comm Ave), and they just reported that the dog is out.


who gets the dogs out!?!?!?!

boston fire department



“Dogs must be on leash.” That’s what the signs say.

Does it also need to say “and the other end of the leash should be in your hand, dingus.”

Glad the dog was safe, it at least has an excuse for not reading the signs.

Favorite moment at Millennium lately was saying “leashes!” as I ran past a group with their dogs running loose on the upper loop, then they were gone on my next lap.


Such a waste of city resources. Another example of why entitled dog owners need to follow the rules (laws) and keep their animals on leashes. The owner should get the bill for this. Bottom line, leashed dogs don't get stuck in drain pipes, or jump on kids playing in the park, or s##t in the middle of the field.


But imagine the world in which everyone gets billed for the emergency services they use if they have been negligent/reckless/insert your standard of choice.

There are some limited areas where it can encourage responsible behavior (wilderness rescue in the White Mountains comes to mind), but on balance, you are going to whack people already down on their luck and/or encourage people to self-solve instead of calling in the experts. I don't want my neighbor trying to put out the oven fire himself because he doesn't want to receive a bill.


We as a society decided to have a certain set of services available to all of us, paid for in advance by all of us, in case we need it.


Doesn’t fit the ‘everyone must pay for every transgression, no matter how slight’ narrative miserable people like to employ though.

Letting your dog run off leash is literally against the law in most cases. Getting lost in the wilderness, as far as I know, is not illegal. Why should folks doing blatantly illegal stuff get free rescue services but not clueless city slickers caught in a freak snowstorm?


It is illegal to do a lot of stuff, including speeding in a car. Think of all the revenue we are missing out on!

I think this example is closer to your White Mountains example than, say, someone whose house catches fire because the downstairs neighbor did something sketchy with a turkey fryer. Dogs are supposed to be on a leash to keep them from getting into situations that can have negative consequences, not just for people and the landscape and other animals, but for the dogs themselves. Letting your dog run around without a leash in many situations really is analogous to trotting off on a leaf peek in the White Mountains in October in a t-shirt and flip flops.

Still gotta wonder why there are pipe openings around (especially in parks) without bars to keep curious creatures out - four pawed or two footed. And will the authorities secure that pipe
(and any other dangerous openings there) from the curious?

(yes, I do know that parents should keep an eye on their kids, but still things happen. So better to secure.)


Solid metal bars maybe 9" apart - this dog had to be pretty motivated to get in there.

You can see them in the second video linked.

some good smells in there.

Free T, no more leashes, and drugs for everyone.


That the dog was unlawfully unleashed?

Just figured we should establish that before we start building the gallows for the owner in the town square...


I'd like more info about how a leashed dog got 15' up a sewer drain, past some iron bars.

The burden of proof should be on those making the accusation.

Anyways, collars break, dogs slip out of them, heck my lab mix has even slipped out of an f'in harness once or twice. Leashes break. Dog handlers slip, sometimes you lose your grip on the leash if the dog starts to unexpectedly pull.

Millennium Park is a place where you can guarantee half the dogs will be off leash. Last time I was there, a small child on a bike was terrified by an unleashed dog who ran up to her to say hi. The owner was out of sight and only offered a pitiful 'sorry' when he came around the corner to get his dog. Another person was looking for her lost unleashed toy dog in the wooded area. I hope she found him but that tiny dog could easily have become a coyote's meal.