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A bit late to try to seek a pardon

Turkey at Government Center MBTA station

Adam Castiglioni spotted this turkey inside the Government Center T station this afternoon.

H/t Ruth Zakarin.


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I'm telling ya, if you just spend a few minutes each observing urban turkeys, seagulls,, and pigeons, you'll realize they have mastered adaptation and opportunistic strategies by watching every move we make. At Forest Hills the sparrows hop into the train, peck around and warm up, and fly back out when the signal sounds before the doors shut. I see this every weekend morning. The seagulls and pigeons know which human will throw crumbs. The turkeys have their own following of fans who think they are cool and endearing and throw extra birdseed on the ground when filling their feeders just to see them come to feast. And crows? Well we know they're the elite intelligent.


... settle in for a ride for a stop or two and then get off -- just like human riders.

this little guy is having quite a day. lol


Will he ever return?


when I was four or five -- Dad was a huge Kingston Trio fan as well of many other early-60s folk-revival stars like Peter, Paul and Mary, and the whole big family shared that love -- but that song really frustrated me.

Charlie's wife could throw him a sandwich through the window, but not one more nickel so he could get offa that train?! I chewed and stewed over that plot hole for a long time as a pre-schooler.

Adults, man: their behavior could be so baffling. Don't get me started on the 8pm bedtime. I wasn't even remotely tired, and the elder sibs got to stay up later? Also, what is so evil about Cap'n Crunch? Sure, it shreds the roof of your mouth like chewing on Brillo pads, but jeez, Mom. Corn flakes are no proper complement to Saturday morning cartoons. Grrr.


My Dad got a Kingston Trio Greatest Hits album for Christmas, and I remember it playing on the console stereo my parents had in the living room, as we sat in the dark with the lights off - the room being illuminated by only the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights on the mantle above the fireplace.

Been a Kingston Trio fan ever since then.


Walter A. O'Brien -- not George, as the Kingston Trio sang it -- was running for mayor of Boston on the Progressive Party ticket.

With a new Charlie -- Baker -- and his Fiscal Control Board in charge of the T, I think it's time for a new version of the song.