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BU dad in a Maserati brings B Line to a crashing halt

Maserati vs. Green Line trolley

Peter Cheung ran across the aftermath of the outbound B Line crash on Comm. Ave. at the BU Bridge shortly before 3 p.m., involving one of the new Type 9 trolleys and a Maserati with Connecticut plates.

Tony Grima reports:

I was on that train 2nd car. We had been waiting at the red light, then started moving through the intersection and stopped short.

Greg C. reports no injuries on the train.

WCVB interviewed the Maserati driver, who had just picked his son up at BU on their way to Thanksgiving with the relatives in Randolph and who admits he stupidly made a turn he shouldn't have even if "the train practically came out of nowhere." But all's well that ends well, he said, adding "Happy Thanksgiving everybody!"

Sarah Scire also got a look at the crash:

Car-vs-trolley crash

The T suspended service between Kenmore Square and Packards Corner and told people to take the 57 bus instead.



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on this train.

They held us on for a good ten minutes and a guy was getting testy.

The Transit Police officer asked, “is anybody on this train injured?”

The person next to me said, “this guy’s emotions are wounded.”

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I was glad for that testy guy, though, otherwise we might still be sitting on that train. If I remember correctly - I was playing a game on my phone - we were sitting at the light, then started moving through the intersection and stopped short. Guessing it was the car's fault.

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I had time-sensitive medical specimens on me. I, like, *really* needed to get off that train. (Like if you knew what I was carrying it would make you shriek.) I flashed the cop a “biohazard” sign that was in my bag and he was like, Dude — so, off I went. I think others took that as their cue and took the opportunity to flee.

I think Mr Testy was coming more from a place of “Do you know who I am???” He looked a little like Ted Cruz. Probably a libertarian, they are often bad at living in society.

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But you took the B line to begin with??

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But where I was coming from to where I was going is about 25 minutes on the train …under normal circumstances. A car wouldn’t be any faster (at least, not a Maserati) and then there’s all that goes along with a car in the city — I could spend 25 minutes looking for parking!

Normally the system works out well assuming people don’t sideswipe the train.

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So you have a biohazard sign on or in your bag... I know that biohazard signs can be attached to many things that aren't especially dangerous, but you also said "if you knew what I was carrying it would make you shriek."

So... do you transport medical specimens that might pose a danger to the public on the T? Or are these just specimens that could degrade or expire during transport, and they are only important to the people or research that the specimens relate to?

You kind of made it sound like you're transporting infectious disease specimens on the T, so I feel like maybe some clarification is needed :P

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just don’t try to drink anything in my bag, they aren’t nips.

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comeback that only someone who has been subjected to years of delays, explanations at work, and 20+ minutes of next trains can truly savor.

Sometimes, the effort of being out in public matters.

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Spain 1, Italy 0

The $80,000+ Maserati Ghibli is no match for the new Type 9 cars!

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The driver said he was making a left turn, which is prohibited in that intersection from any direction with signs and traffic signals indicating as such.

He said that on camera on at least a couple news stations that were there, which would make a solid case for determining at-fault. Too bad none of the reporters who interviewed him mentioned to him the left turn prohibitions.

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Definitely someone who needs to be retested on driving skills and basic knowledge of signs and rules.

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Bikers too. I swear most of them are color blind.

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Do let us know.

I mean, we are clearly tying up traffic in your head, but that isn't a place that has anything to do with reality.

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I mean, as long as we're discussing unrelated topics, right?

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Remember, you did agree that motorists and cyclists break the law at about the same rate.


The crazy thing here is that despite being a supposedly licensed and insured motorist that's well aware of the rules of the road and was in an intersection with clear signage, they still acted illegally. So curious!

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And the train "came out of nowhere"! Who could have expected that trains run on the train tracks the car is crossing?! Obviously it's the fault of the train for not swerving to avoid him. /s

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and as everyone knows, drivers are only responsible for watching out for other cars.

Trees, bikes, pedestrians, trains, and cargo ships can all just come out of nowhere! It's the darnedest thing.

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Despite being stationary they always seem to be flying out of nowhere!

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The buildings in Harvard Square are notorious for that type of behavior.

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They would like their village idiot back to entertain the others over the weekend, lol.

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in French is immeuble, or immovable, providing evidence that buildings do not, in fact, move. However, I believe that this usage predates the arrival of the automobile, so perhaps buildings have only begun to move since then. If so, the conclusion is inescapable; buildings have taken up moving to avoid being struck by cars. Thus when a car crashes into a building that "came out of nowhere", it is likely that the building was avoiding being struck by another car. One must sympathize with the poor building, that, in taking evasive action to escape being hit by one car, was hit by another. I hate it when that happens.

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Was the train wearing a helmet?

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It was wearing headphones.

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Having lived many years along the Green Line, I can assure you that the trolleys do come out of nowhere. They must because most of the time when you want one, they're nowhere.

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My Maserati does 185
Left-hooked the Green Line, now it won't drive

Idiot motorist bonus points for

"the train practically came out of nowhere."
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"If you're so rich, how come you ain't smart?"

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