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Brighton Center bank robbed, suspect promptly nabbed

Updated with additional info from BPD.

The TD Bank branch at 391 Market St. in Brighton was held up shortly before 9:50 a.m. by a man who got into an SUV and drove away. A couple minutes later, police stopped the suspect at Washington and Cambridge streets and recovered the money.

Boston Police report arresting Larry Chiles, 59, of Brighton, on a charge of unarmed bank robbery.

Police say they were led to Chiles by the GPS device the alert teller had placed in the money handed to Chiles - along with a couple of dye packs.

Police say that when Chiles, stopped in traffic at the light in front of the Brighton police station, was ordered out of his vehicle, officers noticed a $50 bill sitting on the vehicle floor. The rest of the money was recovered from the front seat, police say.

Even before the arrest, Chiles was in legal trouble - police say he faces outstanding warrants out of Chelsea District Court on charges of receiving stolen property, unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon and driving without a license.

Innocent, etc.


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C'mon Adam, that was all of 13 minutes ago.

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LOL. He went from thinkin' he'd be partying all weekend to spending the entire weekend in jail.

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maybe the guys rent just went up?

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Wait ... The guy robbed the bank, then drove away and was stopped IN FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION.

How fucking Dumb do you have to be!

Clearly they don't drive in Brighton Center, cause no one would think they could make it through both the Market and Washington and the Washington and Cambridge lights in a reasonable time.

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Everyone knows if you need to make a quick getaway, you go down Market to Soldier's Field Road, or out Washington, through Oak Square, and onto the Pike.

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Wait, the stopped him at Washington and Cambridge? Thats the police precinct, maybe not the best getaway route....

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