Two face gun charges for incident outside same club complex that Jassy Correia disappeared from

Boston Police report that two men who had been kicked out of Icon, 100 Warrenton St., early this morning were arrested after witnesses spotted them getting a gun out of a nearby parked car.

Icon is next door to, and owned by the same company as Venu, out of which Jassy Correia walked last weekend.

According to police, Icon security guards escorted Israel Chery, 24, of Somerville and Jerome Belle, 24, of Randolph, out of the club shortly after 1 a.m. after they got into an argument inside the club with a group of other patrons.

Once the two were outside of the club, Jerome Belle was observed retrieving a handgun from a nearby parked motor vehicle and handing it to Israel Chery as the two then walked together towards Stuart Street. Officers soon located and stopped Israel Chery at the corner of Warrenton Street and Stuart Street at which time a violent struggle ensued. The suspect was eventually placed in custody with the assistance of numerous responding officers at which time a loaded .40 caliber Glock 23 Gen 4 handgun was recovered from the suspect’s right jacket pocket. Officers continued to search the area and soon located the second suspect, Jerome Belle, in a parked motor vehicle where he was placed in custody without incident.

Both were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and possession of a large-capacity feeding device, police say.

In 2017, Paga, Inc., which owns the two clubs, agreed to shut Icon for a month and Venu for two weeks over a series of incidents mainly involving underage drinkers, including one in which an underage Tufts freshman fell to his death from a nearby garage after spending the night at Icon.

Innocent, etc.



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Warrenton St is a dangerous place at 2am

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I worked at the Charles Playhouse a number of years ago hated getting off late on Friday and Saturday as the clubs were letting out a hundred or two drunk and desperate people milling in the street. there were frequently fights of loud disagreements taking place. It is an ugly place at 2am.


Wasn't that what " Cleaning

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Wasn't that what " Cleaning up the Combat Zone" was supposed to do? Considering the tourist dollars and to cut down on vice yes, Boston needs a Hershey Store.

Huh. It's almost like giving

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Huh. It's almost like giving everyone a drivers license, free parking spot and access to a firearm was a terrible idea. Great job America!



Holy actually found a way to turn this into an anti-car rant. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.


Never underestimate

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Kinopio’s singlarity of vision.

There could have been a drive by, and Kino would ignore the shooting aspect of the incident.


gun permit

Your homework assignment is to apply for a Massachusetts Concealed Carry Permit. Just apply, I'm not asking you to actually buy a gun, just apply. Report back.


How can you apply for a

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How can you apply for a permit which doesn’t exist? In MA it’s a “License to Carry” as the state doesn’t have separate permits for open or concealed carry like most other states do. And guess what? If you live in minority majority city, or Brookline, your police chief isn’t going to give you one anyway because your life isn’t worth the same as Lilly white suburbanites.

Do you really think criminals qualify much less ate bothered with permits? They don’t. The laws don’t matter to them because judges don’t enforce them against gang members. Why else do you read about punks on the 3-6th firearms charge here on Uhub regularly?

All the laws do is disarm the poor to make some soccer moms and pearl clutching country club ladies feel better.

Great Job Law Enforcement

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In a previous universal hub. Com, commissioner Willie gross increase policing in nightclub areas of Boston.

Some of you had the audacity to complain and bytch, you naysayers claimed that increase policing wouldn't do anything or that it's only a temporary basis.

Thank God that you're not the police commissioner. I defer to regarding this particular incident. The gun this criminal possessed a feeder clip, an incredibly high powered feeder clip. And if it wasn't for the increased police presence fast responding law enforcement already in the area we could have had a massacre and I hand. Thank you to the Club Staff for contacting law enforcement before we had a massacre.

Thank God you naysayers and push backers are not the commissioner, great job commissioner good job in redeploying more offices in the area great job offices in making this arrest and thank God that you all get to go home

Yes, dangerous, it seems...

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Although I have absolutely no personal experience there at that hour, it certainly seems that this is one of the worst areas in town to be in after midnight. This is strictly anecdotal and I have no statistics to support it; but based on media reports that I can recall over many, many years, it seems that the clubs in this area -- including Warrenton, and adjacent Tremont Street -- have had an inordinate amount of violent incidents. I can think of at least four murders and deaths associated with the clubs in this area over the past decade or so, as well as some other violence, and I can't think of any other local concentration of nightclubs that even comes close.

Why is it that everyone that

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Why is it that everyone that posts snark about "Stand your ground" doesn't have the slightest clue of what those laws mean?

MA is a "duty to retreat" state anyway.

What "Stand Your Ground" Means

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White guy: License to Kill anyone
White women: license to kill anyone but your rapist or abusive husband
Black women: 20 years in jail for firing a warning shot when under attack
Black man: summary execution by law enforcement or some white goon "standing his ground" while attacking you

A main reason why there are so many problems

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in that area is because all the clubs let out at the same time due to our archaic liquor laws.

Stretch last call later and people will leave on their own on a staggered basis.

Why doesn't this happen in New York? Because people aren't thrown on the street all at the same time to compete for taxis, Ubers and Lyfts simultaneously, since the T has long been closed.

Of course, those that want to carry guns will continue to do so, but at least there won't be as many people standing around outside to increase the chances of shenanigans.