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Police: Man attacks somebody in Nubian Square, then his companion tries smacking officers with a bottle

Transit Police report arresting a couple on assault and battery charges following a couple of incidents in and near the Nubian Square bus station last night.

According to police, Kyle Hicks, 29, of Roxbury, punched somebody in the face several times on Warren Street, near the bus station, leaving him with a chipped tooth and a swollen eye and lip. The victim then went into the bus station, where he found Transit cops - who then spotted Hicks inside the station as well.

Hicks immediately became combative and resisted the officers attempts to investigate the alleged assault. At this time Hicks' female companion, Valerie Gales, 30, of Dorchester attempted to strike the officer with a glass bottle. After a violent struggle with Hicks and Gales, with assistance of numerous responding officers, both subjects were placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for the arrest booking process.

Innocent, etc.

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Valerie, felony
Valerie, felony
Valerie, felony
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