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Two charged with storing drugs at Mass and Cass self-storage place

Boston Police report seizing small plastic bags containing fentanyl and crack, digital scales and $742 in cash from a locker at the Prime Storage self-storage place, right next to the city's Southampton Street shelter, on Tuesday morning.

Police say officers got a warrant to search the locker after "a lengthy investigation" that included watching the locker via a surveillance camera.

Following the search, police arrested the two people they say had access to the locker: Alma Colon, 45, and Rodolfo Ramirez, 47, both from Boston.

Both were charged with trafficking Class A drugs and possession of Class B drugs with intent to distribute, police say.

Innocent, etc


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Great work, Boston Police! One thing I'm wondering is there any doubt that opening the "Roundhouse Hotel" is a very bad idea?
The last thing that area needs is putting more people in there. It's time to decentralize services down there.
The Shattuck cottages are a step in the right direction.

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Hopefully that will lead them up the chain.

EDIT: Or... I guess not. Once their names are public, who's going to sell to them in a sting operation?

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