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Another bag of bullets found at Boston Latin Academy

A parent volunteer found "a small bag of bullets" during a staff-appreciation event at Boston Latin Academy around noon on Friday, BLA Head of School Gavin Smith said in e-mail to the school community.

It's the second time this year a bag of bullets has been found at the Townsend Street school. Unlike the first time, on May 3, however, there were no students in the building., Smith wrote. Still:

Incidents like this are jarring to all of us, and understandably many of our community - students, families, staff, and leadership - are concerned about the implications of this discovery.

Boston Police and BPS school-safety officers are now investigating, Smith said.


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Here are your specific bullet points.

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for Teacher. If you can’t give an apple, give what you have. Was it tied up with a nice ribbon?

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Our country is already awash in gun, and with SCOTUS making it pretty much impossible to place any restrictions on them, it's only going to get worse. Apparently the winning (and wildly circular) argument was "people need guns to protect themselves from other people with guns". And yet somehow we are shocked and surprised that kids are not fooled by lock-down drills that anyone else will protect them and perhaps they're going to follow the adults' example and arm themselves?

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Some kid left it there on purpose to cause a fuss. There's no way people are just so "forgetful" with the bullets they're illegally carrying around...

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