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By DaveA - 6/2/19 - 7:49 am

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 7 pm at The First Church and Parish, Dedham, The Charles River Green Coalition will host a Green New Deal Town Hall. The town hall will focus on the existential threat posed by climate change and explain the Green New Deal, a stimulus package designed to combat both climate change and the burgeoning economic inequality in the United States.

By adamg - 5/16/19 - 9:10 pm
Rainbow over Dedham Mall

As seen from the Dedham Mall parking lot around 7:15 p.m. Read more.

By adamg - 5/10/19 - 6:37 pm
American made? No

At Home is the newish replacement for the old Dedham Sears and it's just the place to go if you need vague art and fake plants (including tiny little fake cacti) to furnish your home. We checked it out today and were particularly struck by the piece of wood shown above - emblazoned with American pride on the front and a little "Made in China" sticker on the back.

By adamg - 5/9/19 - 10:14 pm
Coyote at Dedham Mall

Chris Ferry snapped a plastic Wile E today at the Dedham Mall, which really is sick of geese, but which may not realize the decoy will only work for a few days and then the geese were realize it never moves and ignore it.

By adamg - 4/21/19 - 9:42 pm
Sunset over Boston

Mark Smith had a ringside seat for the Easter sunset this evening.

Kellyness also watched the sunset, over the First Church in Dedham: Read more.

By adamg - 4/5/19 - 11:51 am
Wanted for credit-card theft

Maybe he really needed a Big Gulp: Dedham Police report they are looking for this guy, whom they say broke into several cars in Dedham on March 18, found a credit card in one, then headed down Spring Street in West Roxbury to the 7-Eleven there.

If Pom-Pom Dude looks familiar, contact police at 781-751-9301.

By adamg - 3/14/19 - 8:56 am
Limping man

Dedham Police report they are looking for a man who broke into an office at the Dedham Health & Athletic Complex on Dec. 27, stole "a large sum of cash" and gift and credit cards, then later used the credit cards to buy gift cards at the CVS on Washington Street in Roslindale. Read more.

By adamg - 3/10/19 - 3:31 pm
Seaweed snacks now kosher for Passover

The Dedham Stop & Shop always seem to have one of the largest selections of food that's kosher for Passover outside of Harvard Street in Brookline - and not just the traditional stuff like matzoh and gefilte fish. Among the selections this year: Roasted seaweed snacks.

By adamg - 2/21/19 - 12:44 pm
Wanted people

Dedham Police report they are looking for a couple who have figured out how to use somebody's credit-card number on a forged card despite the use of retail chip readers that are now in use at most stores these days - and are supposed to prevent that. Read more.

By adamg - 2/14/19 - 2:49 pm
Wanted for credit-card fraud - man in a NASA shirt

Dedham Police are looking for this guy in connection with the nearly $10,000 in charges they say he rang up on somebody else's credit card in stores in Dedham, the Fenway and Braintree, all on Feb. 1. Read more.

By adamg - 2/13/19 - 12:06 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Roadworthy on Washington Street, near the Dedham Mall, is closing for good this weekend.

By adamg - 1/29/19 - 12:08 pm

And it will be on High Street, Boston Restaurant Talk reports. No word if they will serve pot pies along with the hash.

By adamg - 1/28/19 - 11:10 pm

The MBTA today released a ton of proposals to change its bus routes, including one of the longest routes in its system: The 34/34E that runs from Forest Hills all the way to Walpole. Read more.

By adamg - 1/2/19 - 10:44 pm

WCVB reports on an incident at the Bussey Street CVS - and why the kid's really lucky he had his phone with him.

By adamg - 12/6/18 - 12:37 pm
Lizard man

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is hunting a man it says tried to ship live lizards to Trinidad and Tobago from a FedEx office in Dedham in July.

Read more.

By adamg - 11/4/18 - 4:39 pm

WCVB reports Dedham-based Papa Gino's closed dozens of branches today, at least in some cases with no advance notice to workers. And even as workers were finding out they had no job, the chain was tweeting out some promotion. Probably not a good idea.

By adamg - 7/3/18 - 1:16 pm
Raccoon stuck on a traffic sign in Dedham

Dedham Police report town Animal Control Officer Jayson Tracy was able to rescue this young raccoon from the top of the sign pole at one local intersection and set it free.

By adamg - 5/28/18 - 5:32 pm
Shiva and aide at Dedham Whole Foods

Candidate on the far right.

Shamus Moynihan happened to drop by the Dedham Whole Foods this afternoon as independent Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai and some minions were outside trying to collect signatures.

People are running away from him like that street scene in Borat.

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