BPS looks to get rid of unused school in Hyde Park

The Bay State Banner reports the School Committee is looking at handing the old Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park to the Department of Neighborhood Development, which typically then tries to sell off the buildings to a private concern.

BPS officials say it would cost $80 million to renovate the school for education.

City Councilor Tim McCarthy (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan), however, vows that in the time he has left as a councilor, he will work to make sure the building is re-built as either apartments for senior citizens or lofts for artists:

This shell needs to be people with disposable income that can boost our restaurants, our theater and our business district.



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What about the William E

What about the William E Endicott school? It's empty and the Neighborhood Charter school is trying to explode all over Popes hill.

I hate to say it

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Since I think Belgrade Ave is a good location, but the Roxbury Prep kids I've run across over the years (great kids, by the way) were heading home to Hyde Park. Perhaps there could be something to this.

Roxbury Prep kids have been

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Roxbury Prep kids have been raising hell everday at dismissal for two years from Ceylon Park to Burger King on Columbia Road .

Thank you

Good to know. I do wonder what will happen to the empty lot right next door. Is that even part of that property?

Once the land

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is sold, the city will never be able to get it back for education or other public use. This is so shortsighted.


Artist Housing?

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How and why do artists get their own housing? Why not school teacher housing? First responder housing.

I never understood why artists get special treatment when it comes to housing. Workforce housing should be available to all that qualify shouldn't it?


Artist housing in Boston = live/work spaces

Boston wants to be a place that is welcoming to (working) artists. Considering the volatility of income for artists...the live/work spaces the city offers (which use a vetting process of requiring artists to complete Artist Certification) have both residential quarters and spaces for artists to work.

And I doubt that BPS teachers want to live at the schools where they work (or the Bolling Building, for that matter.

Similarly, I doubt any EMTs want to live at Boston EMS headquarters.

How and why do artists get their own housing? Why not school teacher housing? First responder housing.

I'm gonna blow your mind for a minute here: my high school art teacher lives in artist housing.

And as an artist myself I can confirm that artists receive no "special treatment" when it comes to housing in Boston. To the contrary: many artists are unable to provide pay stubs showing "stable" income (unless they have another job). And for artists still in school: Boston Housing Authority seems to think that financial aid and scholarships count as "income"...even if those financial aid & scholarship awards only go to school expenses.

Middle school;

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What HP needs is a MIDDLE school/Catholic Elementary
The Channing only goes to 5th grade, then the kids can go to the Irving? No thanks. We need a 6-8 grade public school! Why hasn't anyone looked into that? What about a Catholic school? Has anyone reached out to the Archdiocese to see if anyone is interested in buying it to bring a Catholic school choice back to HP? Our only choices are in Milton or West Rox really.

The numbers aren’t there

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That Hyde Park went from having 3 Catholic elementary schools to none is a sad sign of the level of support in the neighborhood.