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City councilors support police but split on issue of whether they need to issue a formal resolution saying that

The Boston City Council today took no action on a resolution by Councilor Althea Garrison (at large) to formally support Boston Police and the local police action against outside agitators "committing crimes of assault against them," instead sending it to a council committee for a hearing and further discussion.

Garrison had hoped for an immediate vote on her proposed resolutio, but council rules require a unamimous vote on resolutions for adoption immediately after they are introduced; at least one councilor, however, objected to an immediate vote.

Although Garrison said she has heard increasingly from police that they feel unsupported and unfairly critized, "even by some politicians," she said what galvanized her were alleged physical attacks on police at the end of the Aug. 31 white-supremacist parade and rally at City Hall. Several anti-Nazi protesters were arrested on charges of violence, including assault and battery on police officers; BPD says four officers were injured in a melee on Congress Street.

"The freedom of speech and the right to protest must always be respected, but committing crimes of assault against Boston police officers must not be tolerated," Garrison said.

But Councilor Lydia Edwards (East Boston, Charlestown, North End) said she cannot support Garrison's resolution.

She started by proclaiming her great respect for police officers - including some members of her family - whom she said do their best when people around them are doing their worst. She said that as a Legal Services attorney, she grew to appreciate Boston officers who helped build bridges with frightened immigrants and people with HIV by treatimg them with respect and dignity. "I have seen the best come out of [officers] when the worst comes out of society," she said.

But, she continued, Garrison's resolution, by referring to a specific event, isn't really a call for support police but a call to "support a political agenda." She did not specify that agenda, but it's no secret that Garrison has long had a conservative agenda.

She then turned to the off-duty police officers sitting behind her in the council chambers and repeated that she supports them, and that if she or any of her constituents show them disrespect, they should find her and talk to her.

Edwards was echoed by Councilor Michelle Wu (at large), who started by saying she is "proud and grateful" to live in in a city with "the most professional force in the country," the city where community policing began, and that she condmens violence against Boston police officers.

But referring to a march whose organizers called "a straight pride" event, she also raised questions about Garrison's motivation. "The LGBTQ community in particular has a history with conflict with law enforement, with police violence," she said.

"It's a history we all have to be aware of" she added, calling for conversation on the resolution before it's voted on, to try to avoid misperceptions.

Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester), however, was having none of that. Baker said it's not kids from Dorchester and Roxbury mixing it up with police and that he is sick of people from "Vermont, Somerville, Bellingham, Middleboro," coming into Boston to get into fights with police.

"We have verbal fecal matter thrown at us all the time," he said of himself and other councilors. "These guys literally have bottles of urine thrown at them."

Councilor Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, downtown) spoke of the 1919 Boston police strike and said police were right to fight for fair wages and decent working conditions. He did not take a specific stand on the resolution, however.



I'm getting tired of hearing all this whining about out-of-towners whenever someone from outside the municipal boundary does something they don't like. How do you think a metro area works? Things happen in the city and people...come to them.


They come in... from Somerville!!! A place the T goes to. The horror!!

Also where exactly were the Nazis that the police were protecting imported from? If you're so testy about out of towners you could have just spoken out against the hate rally.


If Frank Baker wants to take a swipe at my native Vermont, I'd be more than happy to play a few cards against Dot.

Not 'To Worship And Obey'

This is the new American Fascism, kiddos.

And every thin blue line sticker is a harbinger.


These delicate little angels known as cops cannot be criticized. If they have sad feelings we must spoon feed them ice cream until the frowns go away.


I was out of town for a couple of weeks. Glad to hear that all the real issues in the city have been resolved and that we now have the luxury of debating whether or not to pat the police on the back and say, "Good boy."


Yeah the resolution is kind of ridiculous and I won't be sad to see Althea go after she loses in the November election. I just hope that she places no higher than 6th or we might see her in the council again.


I can't really say that such resolutions are really necessary. If the City Council cannot support the police, which are roundly praised on these liberal pages for their restraint and professionalism, that's too bad.

A 'mask' resolution can be interesting, but has some problems with it as a stand-alone law. Perhaps it will work as an add-on. For (totally made up but makes the point) example:

City Code 1-2-3-4
Ye Who takes it upon Himfelf to Commit a Breech of Ye Pease, Upon ye Common Pathways of Ye Olde Bofton Towne, and be not an Upright Citizen but ye Surburban Douche with an Uncouth Beard, shall be Guilty of Disorderly Conduct.*

Add on law:
If said Miscreant Who Takes it upon Himfelf, in an Abominable and Deteftable Way, to Violate ye City Code of 1-2-3-4, and shall be Wearing a Masque of Poor Countenance while committing said Violation, shall be charged as a Felonius Person and Punished by having his Manhood removed. Womyn shall have Their Lime Green Beards removed.

OK, it's a little snarky, but here's the point...sometimes wearing a mask in public is OK. There are definitely 1st A issues here. So, wear the masks all you want. No harm, no foul. Cross the line? Get into a situation where you get arrested? Don't be wearing a mask.
Make it an add-on to whatever the underlying crime is. Assaulting a cop? OK. While masked? Felony assault. Disturbing the peace while masked? Felony.

I found this "Re-elect Althea Garisson" flier on the sidewalk yesterday.

Since she doesn't have a website, I found it quite useful to read it so I could learn about her stances on the critical issues of parking stickers and plastic bags -"An unjust and unfair tax!" is what she says. Among other things, she is also suggesting that "It is time to retire Michelle Wu from politics once and for all" Coming from Althea, you can't make that stuff up!



I wonder if it came from Althea or if this glossy flier came from a right wing Koch funded group. It has nothing to do about why you should elect Althea and everything to do with preemptively taking down Wu before she primaries Walsh.

Here's a hint, the Kochs are batshit against public transportation and Wu's signature issue is funding the T.

I believe Menino watered down the residency requirement for police but there's still plenty of police and first responders living in the city who never miss an election. Most will give Althea Garrison the highly-sought bullet, marking their ballot only for her and foregoing their other two votes in that race.

Although she's been on the scene for decades, she's a breath of fresh air, having served as a Republican State Representative from Boston (the last, with none on the horizon) and being a courageous supporter of Trump. Don't be surprised if Trump endorses her. Poison for all of the leftwing candidates but political gold for Althea if moderates and conservatives who might not otherwise vote, show up to support Althea, the police and Trump. She's also an inspiration and pioneer to those who have struggled with sexual identity, long before that was in vogue. She will do better than she has in the past. I hope the patrolmen's union mobilizes for her.


she’s not re-elected. You game?


Don't be surprised if Trump endorses her.

Trump is too busy playing weatherman to endorse her.


A transwoman of color who’s pro-public-transit is basically the final boss in whatever video game the GOP is playing


Althea and Trump are both dumb and crazy. They also only got into office on a technicality. Also republicans hate transgender people like Althea. Trump banned them from the military which is spitting in the face of the thousands of LGBT who have served in the military.


In the words of one great American, "Do your job!"
If you need affirmation, you're in the wrong one of work.
You get a paycheck? You're appreciated.


Don Draper?

Garrison is shoving her nose so far up the collective police butt that her head has disappeared. Like Trump a self-centered narcissist who has no regard other than for her shallow self.

Hard to not be disgusted by the fecal class of leaders presently calling itself leadership.

Hard to not be disgusted by the fecal class of leaders presently calling itself leadership.

That fecal class of leaders didn't anoint itself; we elected them.

We have Ayanna Pressley to thank for that.

The same as we elected Steve Murphy the first time he got a council seat. It's not like the fifth-place-finisher rule is new or something.

From Vermont??

someone was running against Frank Baker! ugh