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Could building boom come to quiet Cleary Square?

Old Cottage Cafe

To be replaced by housing?

A real-estate company has started marketing a package of parcels along Hyde Park Avenue where the Cottage Cafe and a lamp factory used to be for possible reuse as a multi-story residential building.

Broker Christopher Lydon is seeking $3.85 million for the five parcels on Hyde Park Avenue and Providence Street that wrap around Ron's and continue to the AutoZone, and writes the property's zoning would allow a 48-unit residential building with 55 parking spaces and two ground-floor stores.

Site is located in the heart of Cleary Square, steps to it's shops, 2 commuter rail lines, restaurants, theater, Neponset River Greenway bike path and close proximity to Blue Hills Reservation.

The lamp factory has been closed for decades; the Cottage closed in late 2017. That stretch of Hyde Park Avenue consists of a series of low-slung old buildings.

H/t Eileen Velez.



Hope they save that Schlitz sign, its got to be worth some dough.


I had the exact same thought. My Dad used to drink that stuff. :)

Someone wants to build something within zoning guidelines? Crazy!


and is long overdue. Maybe if developers and builders alike were forced to work within certain guidelines, a lot of overdevelopment would be prevented, or at least minimized.

If Boston only built within its current zoning, nothing of size could be built, and only one of two things could happen:

Everyone's property taxes would go through the roof (but can't, due to Prop 2.5) or

The city would be broke.

It's that simple.

A residential building of that size would still need to go before the BPDA.

Yeah, it would have been totally crazy if zoning and other regulations allowed multifamily housing to be built near transit without a hearing.

Why is housing so expensive? Because there isn't more of it.

Why isn't there more of it? Regulations. There's plenty of space for the buildings, and plenty of developers with money to invest.

Is that that the Christopher Lydon? Has he become a realtor now???

This one is about half the more famous one’s age and works out of the Raveis office in Milton.


Looks like a nice bar.

Don't worry, if you're into that bar look BK's in Roslindale is still going strong.

"Site is located in the heart of Cleary Square, steps to it's shops, 2 commuter rail lines, restaurants, theater, Neponset River Greenway bike path and close proximity to Blue Hills Reservation."

No mention of the insidious traffic when trying to get anywhere. Odd.

has been closed for several decades. Is any progress being made towards restoring and reopening it?

It could refer to the Riverside Theater which is open.

The one that's open and used regularly for performances and, well, the other one that is, at least, brightly lit at night.

"Want big city traffic but not any of the amenities or benefits from living in the city? Well then this is the place for you! Right in the heart of the next hot up and coming neighborhood, this condo will have you asking "Why didn't we just move to Providence?"

"Cleary Square Catch The Fever!"


How can we improve the city if we don't start somewhere? Some development could add amenities and benefits for new and existing residents.

You add more residences , you get more traffic. Thats the way it is. You want the location, you got to endure it .There is a lot of stuff nearby that you can walk to,maybe a supermarket is still left near, think Publix and Lodgens are gone,

There's a Shaw's a couple blocks down Hyde Park Avenue from River Street and about a gazillion convenience stores in and around the square, including two literally right next to each other on River Street.

Shaws was originally Star Market , and there were a few gin mills nearby, and Allis Chalmers plant on the ave. as well .

I loved that bar. Everyone say goodbye to the blue collar drinking holes because once they're gone their not coming back. If you like $8 beers and not talking to anyone at the bar, then the new Boston is for you!

And, I guess, that place on River Street, but, yeah, it's amazing how many more bars Hyde Park used to have just a few years ago.

Place on River street used to be a Tom English's .


Wolcott Square could really use some love. I feel like I live in the rural hinterlands of Boston.

It's kind of cool living in the only Boston neighborhood with a general store (OK, OK, it's just a convenience store, but the name is great). Now if only the city could put Jersey barriers around that traffic light in front of the gas station, the one that keeps getting knocked down.