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Microclimates in West Roxbury

Different temperatures on different sides of Centre Street

Hennigan Insurance on Centre Street in West Roxbury recently resumed broadcasting the temperature on its electronic signboard and, as with the time, things are different there than they are across the street at Rockland Trust.

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Which one was correct???

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The one above the mattress store in Packards Corner is often off by like 20 degrees.

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Certainly the answer is in the center

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For a brief 10 minutes, the steady NW wind that persisted all day at BWI shifted to a westerly direction. That allowed the HEAT from the nearby runway to provide a quick 3 degree warm-up between hourly obs. Once the winds shifted back to a NW direction, the temperature fell back to 59 degrees. The NWS employee concurred that the extra warmth came from the runway. Global Warming is real (thanks to poorly-sighted thermometers)! -- Mark Johnson, Chief Meteorologist of WEWS Cleveland

No doubt a thermometer equipped car driving down the street between the two thermometers would show a third different reading still. The differing temperatures only a few feet apart in West Roxbury are a reminder of the wild discrepancies used as the foundation of Global Warming rebranded as the "Climate Change." Thermometers strategically placed beside gas grills in asphalt parking lots, on the black roofs of skyscrapers or in this case and many others, near a runway with jumbo jets spewing superheated exhaust. The UK Guardian assured us in 2000 that "Children just aren't going to know what snow is." Those children are now in college. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

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I'll pass, with difficulty, on FISH's customary screed and focus on the vision-challenged thermometers.

I wonder if anyone can cite other examples of site-based bias in readings.

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A man with one thermometer always knows what temperature it is.
A man with two is never sure.

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