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Citizen complaint of the day: Paw-grabbing benches in South End dog park

Bad bench, bad

An aggrieved citizen files a 311 complaint about the slatted benches the city has installed in Peters Park in the South End:

Dog's foot got stuck again in the curved benches in the dog park. How many dogs need to be injured before these benches are removed/replaced? This is a danger and a liability.

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Should buy a second set of benches because you can't control an animal smaller than you? Please punch me in the face if I ever become that obnoxious upon becoming so wealthy that I can live in the South End and adopt a dog.


Should buy a second set of benches because you can't control an animal smaller than you?

No, the city should refrain from installing in dog parks, furniture that is hazardous to dogs.


Another question. Why should the city be in the business of providing poop and piss parks for dogs? Why should my tax dollars pay for these dog owners convenience? If people insist on owning dogs in the city then they should pay for poop and piss parks with private money.


I've seen some really nice dog parks in cities. They are no different than playgrounds, skate parks, hockey rinks, etc.

because if we don't have them, people tend to let their dogs run off leash and poop everywhere in the park. Call it the lesser of 2 evils, but it does solve that problem.

Plus, 'official' dog parks are not paid by the city, but private finds (as this one is) - the city just lets them use a slice of the park.

Now, if *people* are falling through the slats, there may be some liability issues there.


they're in a dog park, so it seems reasonable to think that maybe at some point a dog might end up on, or trying to get on, the things.

I guarantee a dog owner didn't select which benches to use, because anyone who's had a dog would take one look at those benches and say "hm, I bet a small dog's paws could get maybe stuck in that, what have you got for other designs?"


The benches, or Peters Park being designated an off leash dog park?


...so the pet owners can sit comfortably while their dogs run around and play. I don't think it's too much to ask the owners to keep their pets off the benches if they're worried about slat gaps. You know, like child owners keep their kids off park equipment that is age- or size-inappropriate.

Plus, it's inconsiderate to let any dog of any size sit on the benches, unless they're on mom's or dad's lap.


The dog run is funded through private donations. Tax payers did not pay for the benches.


...and those generous donors want to shell out for new benches with no expense to the city, fine by me.


So dog owners who use this dog park are posting angry 311 complaints about themselves... not too bright.


Why do dogs have problems with such things? I see cats walking easily on surfaces like that all the time.

I've never cared for that particular bench design.


I really hate how much focus is made on making benches unappealing to homeless people. (No backs and/or dividers that prevent you from laying down.) It also makes them uncomfortable for everyone else in addition to being hostile to homeless folks. Talk about treating the symptom instead of the problem!


Outdoor metal benches should be illegal in Massachusetts. In sub-freezing weather they're a good way to get frostbite. Bench seats and backs should be made of wood or plastic.

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