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Dropkick Murphys, Bruce Springsteen to play Fenway Park on May 29

No, Marty hasn't caved: The boys and the Boss will be playing to an empty ball field and livestreaming around the world. OK, technically, Springsteen will be playing from a remote location. Starts at 6 p.m.

That's right - we are gonna be the first band in HISTORY to play right on the dirt and grass of the infield diamond - and we will be doing it FREE - for YOU, THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD !!

This free live stream will have NO AUDIENCE in the stands.... That’s another first - no band has ever played a full show in an empty sports stadium !! This means you get to take part in this show with your rowdy kids and neighbors right from your own living room or backyard...



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Does this also mean amplified like normal concerts? Does this create the risk that crowds will gather along Lansdowne or nearby to listen?

Also, only in the alternate reality that is 2020 would the Dropkicks be the top bill and Bruce in a tiny banner below them on the poster.

...Dropkicks be the top bill and Bruce in a tiny banner below them on the poster.

For real, even if he's just on to play a song or two. I enjoy DKM, but this 2020 is upside down inside out.

It's a Boston thing.

Was James Taylor not available?


DKM are doing the musical version of the planes flying over a hospital to you know "support the nurses".

The Taylor family donated $1M to MGH to help with PPE purchases.

I'll take Yacht Rock James over listening to the Eiresatz crap about fightin' and drinkin' down by the docks any day.


You have a real chip on your shoulder about this. It's almost as if you refuse to recognize the hardscrabble streets of Milton, Mass. as the poverty-stricken center of [sub]urban decay and despair that they really are while punching down on those who lifelong goal is to [finally] move out of their parents' house and a find refuge in Hingham.

Give the survivors of white flight some credit, at least they found a way to make some money off of manufactured nostalgia inside the shrine to all things sentimental of the generation that peaked in 1967. Hard to do since the building is usually crowded with those who've made paying attention to a boring game a lifestyle but at least they're willing to put their name out there year in year out. Because if there's one thing seared into the memory of a has-been, it's knowing how to be a useful, somewhat recognizable but not really name for when absolutely nobody else is available, regardless of how long ago their act was worn out and tired.

And now I'm going to have to add James Taylor to my list of people who I used to crap on but came through in a pinch, I'm looking at you St. Guy Fieri, and who'll I'll cease to publicly disparage, but given my choice of things, I will be neither buying a ticket nor crowding Lansdowne St. during one of his inevitable summer appearances because I'm just not a fan and it's my choice not to, something I'd share with anyone else who's currently fretting about a self-promoting artist/businessman who's made a living off of selling an entertaining blue collar fantasy based in a city that is definitely not.




That’s where they are from right? You know with them Fighting Irish and Celtic Cross tats and all. They are real Southies to the core.

I love all theIr songs about doing tough Irish guy stuff on the mean streets where they grew up.

Makes me wish I had grown up in that world of abandoned houses, political shenanigans, sirens going off all the time, random crime, people trying to better themselves, taking the T to school, working class parents etc. I guess I missed out.


Too subtle.

Bruce Springsteen never worked a 9-5 job, Johnny Cash never served any prison time, and the lead singer of Slayer is a practicing Catholic. There's plenty of musicians out there making songs about an image, lifestyle, place, etc they're not actually directly part of.


Springsteen actually addressed that directly in his Broadway show (now can be seen on Netflix). "You know all those songs I wrote about cars? I wrote those when I didn't even have a driver's license. Al those songs about the working man? I never had a steady job in my life. Until now. I don't like it. (big audience laugh). THAT's how good I am.".

Aaaahhh “The troubles”

The whitest park in America still pandering to the fans who made Adam Jones feel so welcomed! Think we'd ever see a Jay-Z concert at friendly Fenway?

7 years ago? Granted I could have used a thousand different bands as examples, but the point still remains. The concerts at Fenway are not designed to appeal to the majority/minority city that we live in.

While I am not disagreeing with your overall point - which, over the years, has also been made about the lack of diversity attending Red Sox games - which major stadium/arena tours would you have liked to have seen at Fenway?

Maybe it’s not as much which acts Fenway is willing to book as much as it is that only certain acts can draw enough people willing to put up the big ticket money for Fenway concerts? And that also might be true of the majority of national stadium tours? (This is not just a rhetorical question - I don’t know the answer.)


Are we sure Nickleback didn't come close...


Who do they belong to?

The video of Nickelback getting rocks and bottles thrown at them in Portugal will never get old.

Home. BURN!

Where is D Street in Boston @John Costello?

Maybe you are not from around here.


It’s in “my home town” (I was raised up on B street.) - maybe if I sing it?

first thing I thought of was Pink Floyd playing in the empty ampitheater in Pompeii.

I wonder... What would be the biggest active arena/stadium to have hosted an empty concert?

Besides Brendan Byrne, err... Continental, err.... whatever Arena - which gets used for tour prep rehearsals, but not concerts?

Maybe there was a situation where some artist did part of a show in a shuttered stadium before moving into a new stadium on the same lot, like Giants Stadium to MetLife, Schaefer to Gillette, or...


(feel free to suggest alternates)

Am I missing something... Why is everyone so riled up about this?

I kinda prefer seeing baseball in baseball stadiums...

I’m not a fan of the Dropkick Murphy’s. They sound like they’re yelling and screaming at me all the time. They make me think, “What did I do?”

As described on Variety.com, Bruce will be beamed in to the big screen and the Dropkick's will be spread around the infield... I've seen a lot of streams so far, some better than others so we'll see how it goes!

Not 1995.

But NRBQ is actually the first band to appear at an empty ballpark (1977) as seen in their 6th great album At Yankee Stadium... Give it a listen, good tunes.