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The men and the battles behind the 54th Massachusetts memorial

The State Library of Massachusetts recounts the struggle to get the Robert Gould Shaw memorial built across from the State House - including an effort in the 1980s to add the names of the Black soldiers who fell in battle with Shaw added to the names of the white officers whose names had initially been the only ones inscribed there.



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sounds earlier than the Confederate fad. Did Boston start stuff again?

So lets move on.
Or we can figure there's a chance of it coming down depending on what direction the protesters take.

It was already vandalized. Something in its history must have caused it to be cancelled by the protestors. Maybe RGS liked an offensive tweet or something.


Citations needed.

I'm sad that you right wing nut jobs don't seem to be able to use your florid imaginations for something better - like art, or writing something other than rumors and conspiracy theories.

Do you mean that somebody graffitied the plywood in front of the memorial? Because that is emphatically NOT the same thing.

Or maybe you're referencing the prior incidents of graffiti from 5 or 8 years ago, which were certainly carried out by people with motivations directly contrary to those protesting today.

Your attempt to smear the protestors is as transparent as it is reprehensible.

It was spray painted and was fully clean by the next day. It was not vandalized because it's a monument to the 54th. It was tagged for the same reason as every nearby trash can, the paths through the Common, the steps in front of the State House, and most walls within 10 feet of ground level downtown: it was a solid object near the protest.

Presenting this is some sort of outrage is extremely disingenuous.

It could be for the same reason the Roosevelt statue is being taken down. The white guy's on a horse, while the non-white guys are on foot.

I'm not sure what you meant by " let's move on"

However if you meant let's ignore Injustice, incorrect history, debilitating symbols, or ignore the existing social problems that we have,
Then I would say, you are the problem.

If anyone wants to ignore the current civil unrest and Community mobilization against unjust and racist situations.

You are going to get left behind in time. Everyone needs to re-evaluate their positions on race. Don't Turn Blind, it is the proverbial "Pink Elephant in the front room" that will never go away.

And removing all symbols of oppression, hate, Injustice, and pain;

Are We Correcting History, Re-writting History, or Erasing History?

What do you think?