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What does the fox see?

Jef Taylor has been leading a survey on wildlife in Franklin Park, shows us a fox that came to investigate a camera set up as part of the survey yesterday evening.



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These particular foxes can climb trees. Don't forget to look up on nature walks.

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They are canids, but their behavior, size, and capability is akin to large house cats in many ways.

Except my cats have never stripped all the berry bushes like our local foxes do.

When my kitteh Mario LeMiaux was alive, I saw him come face to face with a fox. They were pretty much exactly the same size.

They both sat down and regarded each other - like silent sitting - for several minutes. Then rose and departed quietly and calmly in the opposite direction.

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Now I have THAT earworm for the next few hours. Ring-a-ding-dinga ringa-ding-ding, etc.

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