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Citizen complaint of the day: I think I saw Tippi Hedren running down Maverick Street

A lot of birds in trees in East Boston

An alarmed citizen filed a 311 complaint about the herds of birds now congregating along Jeffries Street in East Boston:

Over the last month, a massive flock of birds (I think starlings) has begun congregating in the trees on the far end of Jeffries Point (near the yacht club). Biggest issue is they're defecating all over everything, all the time, including cars, homes, the park equipment at Porzio Park, and busy parts of the harbor walk. Obviously super unsanitary, but there anything the city can do about it?


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According to the Internet, birds' predators include humans, cats, chipmunks, other birds, snakes, frogs, dogs, deer and coyotes. (I was a very surprised to see frogs on the list!) Bringing in an assortment of those could be a good start.

Bird law clearly exempts them from code enforcement.

- source: best goddamn bird lawyer in the world


Murmurating all day is exhausting.


Doesn't exempt those Trumpeting fools from masking up and showing their vax cards.

Oh this is easy, it's prejudgment day.

…questions and concerns should be directed promptly to Eugene Schieffelin.



And her hair was perfect?

This is the beginning of the end for us!

Jokes aside, where was this person 25 years ago when roosting crows would blacken the sky at nightfall in some areas - before West Nile annihilated crows in our area? When they started to reappear a few years ago, my son said "now I know why you used to get so excited about hawks and eagles coming back".


Risselty Rosselty

Charlie knows all about bird law. He would definitely go toe to toe with anyone on it.

I don't know about unsanitary, but guano is used to make explosives, and Jeffries Street is near the airport. Could this be a slow-motion bird-terrorist plot?

Actually this is a bit out of date. Daphne du Maurier's original 1952 story is a masterpiece of paranoia and unmotivated menace. In 1963 Hitchcock updated it, and weakened it, with a partying glamor girl and an undercurrent of sex and disfunction. Twenty years ago another update might have included terrorists, but these days there would have to be aliens involved, or a malicious AI, or an evil supervillain, or (probably) all three.

Can't decide whether The Guano Menace is better as a name for a rock band or a Ludlum title.


Social media showed that the late Alfred Hitchcock was seen making a cameo appearance in that neighborhood.

The starling flocks move a lot. They have been around almost all of Boston's neighborhoods at one time. There's even murders of crows here and there as well.

I remain thoroughly entertained about the newbies that move here and then complain about everything.

1) Do your homework. Visit here a few times and get to know the neighborhoods and what you are signing up for.
2) After the real estate agent shows the place, come back at another time to assess the area. Many of them are having showings when neighborhoods are quiet and noise is low, and in some instances when there are fewer birds. Always remember that their mission is not to sell you your dream house. It's to make that commission.

Anyone find it odd that this is a complaint about birds from a neighborhood next door to Logan Airport?


We’ve lived here for eights years and these birds are definitely new this year.