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Election roundup: Marty Walz endorses Campbell


If City Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester) runs for re-election this fall, he'll have completion: Stephen McBride, who says he believes in "a bold, progressive Boston."

The Beacon Hill Times reports on endorsements of mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell, including one by former state Rep Marty Walz.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that Munim Khan of West Roxbury has filed papers with the state to run for an at-large council seat.

The Reporter also reports Boston state representatives met Monday to discuss how to get passage of a bill that would let Boston bypass a special election for mayor this year should Marty Walsh resign to become labor secretary. State Rep. Chynah Tyler is expected to formally introduce the bill to let Boston only hold two mayoral elections - a preliminary and the final - instead of the four that would otherwise be required by the city charter.




I am happy to hear that Stephen McBride is what will complete Frank Baker. Going through life feeling incomplete sounds terrible.

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Negative commentary relating to someone's physical characteristics relating to their heritage.

Not funny. Not funny at all.

Looking forward to other commentary from people on hook noses, slit eyes, and big lips on other candidates next all being willingly accepted by the UHub community.

For those of you wondering on the potato comment, a certain Texan native who wants to to cultureform Dorchester to their and their only taste, called too many politicians in Boston potato faces on twitter. This was a insult to their Irish heritage. Sorry, can't insult one ethnic group and get away with it because you know, you think it sounds cool.

Fair is fair. If you don't disagree with the Potato face statement, you are a hypocrite, and by logical extension a racist.

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Thanks for pointing this out, John.

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i’m aware of the anti-irish sentiment that was pervasive in early 1900s american culture; maybe i’m misinformed but i’m not aware of its persistence today.

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I assumed, as a very casual consumer of this 'story' that it was an insult of his doughy, unattractive appearance. To wit:


Serious question - am I supposed to know that someone with the name Frank Baker is Irish American? All I know about him is he's some conservative, cop worshipper from Dorchester who doesn't like Boston anymore.

Go ahead and let me know if you get any google hits for 'potato face pejorative' or 'potato face racist' This article might also be of interest to someone so triggerable as well -


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(of food) having a thick, malleable consistency.
"doughy white bread"
(of a person) pale and rather fat.
"a pasty, doughy, chubby white kid from the suburbs"

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They asked could you please stop calling. There is only so much cover you can buy to hide your racist attitude.

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As a mealy mouthed potato-faced motherf*kin' Irishmen myself, I gotta say...

You're a snowflake. Y'all, whatever, we Irish had bad discrimination for a period of 60-100yrs in the US. I can think of a number of groups that have had it way worse, for significantly longer, in significantly worse ways. And at no point in your life having been alive have you or anyone reading this ever endured ACTUAL anti-Irish sentiment in Boston.

Furthermore, you'd think that because you pride yourself on being Irish (lol, white) and knowing the history of anti-irish sentiment, you'd be more open and accepting to other communities seeking refuge in the US because of poor conditions abroad. You know...like our ancestors did. So that people now seeking refuge wouldn't have to experience that.

Read a book on what racism is. Calling someone a potato mouthed mofo isn't racist, even by extension, because racism requires there to be a systemic burden toward a group of people. Last I checked, the most powerful seat in this city currently is in the hands of an Irishmen (though thank god for not much longer.)

It just means you got thin skin and the need to grow a pair.

Also, way to hold a grudge. Very Irish of you. No wonder us mealy mouthed potato faced mofos die so early.

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Letting an Anon in like that including more stereotypes.

You let this in; "Furthermore, you'd think that because you pride yourself on being Irish (lol, white) and knowing the history of anti-irish sentiment, you'd be more open and accepting to other communities seeking refuge in the US because of poor conditions abroad. You know...like our ancestors did. So that people now seeking refuge wouldn't have to experience that."

When I have I ever said I am anti-immigrant? Ever. FFS my parents are immigrants. I have cousins who are immigrants. I want more people from other parts of the world here. I am however anti-rich Bucks County or North Shore of the Lake raised or Little Ivy educated educated people coming into Boston and complaining about how there are too many Irish people here and making fun of their physicality. That's the point. If making fun of someone for their physical appearance based on a certain ethnic stereotype is ok here. Have at it everyone. You can't have it ok for one group of people and bad for all the others. That is fair play.

Also, there were physical threats to Frank Baker on twitter last spring including a thumbs up on that comment by a registered user on this board. I don't know Frank Baker at all but I know that a physical threat on an elected official is bad as has been demonstrated in the past few weeks.

All in all, Real professional of you. You should be really proud of yourself. Your credibility as a moderator has really slipped. Try harder.

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Someone call the whaaaammmbulance

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I caught that too. Adam must be taking a much need nap!

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This election is going to be like a U-Haul on September 1st.

Running a primary where the top two advance makes no sense. The candidate receiving a plurality isn't necessarily the most popular. I hate to praise Cambridge government for anything, but this should be run using single-transferrable vote to avoid spoiler effects.

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Agreed. Any election where a candidate can win with less than 50% makes no sense.

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Boston mayors and district councilors are selected by non-partisan preliminary and final elections. The person with the most votes wins. I don't buy the "spoiler" argument. The final forces candidates to reach out to voters who chose someone else before.

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Agree, it’s basically a run-off election. Which makes way more sense than partisan primaries.

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Like SF?

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No, like a more bold and progressive Boston. Nobody made comparisons to anywhere else.

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