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Fire in Fenway apartment building

Firefighters on ladders at Symphony Road

Boston firefighters responded to 49 Symphony Rd., for a fire called in around 2:15 p.m.

The fire was reported on the fourth floor of the four-floor building. Firefighters contained it to a single apartment and reported it knocked down within roughly 15 minutes.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries and estimated damage at $300,000.

The Huntington News reports Northeastern University leases the building to house both undergraduate and graduate students.

Zeng evacuated only with her cat, Sammi. “I heard neighbors yelling in the hall, ‘FIRE! This is not a drill! Everybody needs to leave!’ [There was] a real sense of urgency,” Zeng said.

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It's hard to read "Symphony Road" and "fire" in the same sentence and not think "arson". When I moved to Boston, Symphony Road was best known as the main burning ground of a notorious arson-for-profit ring. I lived not far away, in the Fens, and whenever there was a fire alarm in the neighborhood, it was the first thought on everyone's mind.

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