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If you normally drive home through Holy Name Rotary in West Roxbury, you might want to find another route tomorrow

Some Abington guy is organizing a "back the blue" rally in front of the E-5 police station, scheduled to start at 5 p.m. A group that disagrees is organizing a You Can't Hide Behind Your Flag: Rally Against Far-Right Hate Group America Backs the Blue for the same location.

If it's like a similar set of dueling rallies at the same location last year, there will be much shouting and flag waving and unmasked rightwingers making a point of not wearing face coverings and trying to goad masked counterprotesters into fistfights. So interesting to watch if you're into that, but not so good if you're just trying to get home for dinner.


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They back the blue unless the blue is the US Capitol and DC Metro police?

These asshats need to figure out just what they want. Do they support the police only until their interest in overthrowing a country takes hold? Then beating the shit out of them and spraying them with bear repellent seems like a good way to proceed?

Christ on a cracker, these people need a f’ing clue.


Idiots coming together. No reason for either to be there. This is the Portlandization of America.


you don’t get to other them


You know the white supremacists in Portland drive into the city from the suburbs and country to fight with the residents, right?


Dammit man, those who live in Boston have a hard enough time with getting through West Roxbury. Protest at your own police station!


Then why doesn't he hold the rally in front of their police station(s)? Why concern troll us?


I really hope someone in Area E tear gases these douchebags...

These people don't give a shit about cops - if that's not obvious by now I don't know what is


to anyone who traps a skunk and then releases it into this crowd.


Magoo there?


Jim Davis is a local activist Trumper - I would not be surprised if he's paying this guy to stir up pro-cop stuff.

Also why this sleepy police station? There's no controversial officers under investigation here or anything.

It's in West Roxbury, simple as that.


“ It's in West Roxbury, simple as that.”

Is that the answer to his question as to why that police station was picked? What is it about that police station being in West Roxbury that makes it the choice for these weirdos.

It's a central point for the Westie Whites and the Westie Wokes. Can't go too far into the city or else no one will know who these people are...

I say wait for a rainstorm and do it at night in the middle of the rotary Outsiders style.....


Sorry, can't be bother to look up the spelling of our local fascist clan, but this isn't their show - it's some dude from Abington? Why not Neponset somewhere, which is both closer and I think even more cop friendly.


But remember part of the blue line brigade's goal is to get the white woke crowd to battle them somewhere. The wokes have settled in the WR/Rozzie area and work from home for the most part so they can come out and just walk down to the rotary.

Surely the Hyde Square would be better if they want to fight the young woke?

Imagine trying to figure out how to get an elderly Liz Warren supporter to fight you...


This guy has a “non profit” corporation that he can use for “fundraising”. This isn’t the first non-Abington rally this guy has held; it’s a traveling clown show. If a Trump rally is a TED Talk, then this is the MAGA equivalent of TEDx - a loosely-affiliated program that is not under control of the national organization, but looks awfully similar on the surface.

He needs the foot traffic and visibility that comes with Police Deparments in busy town/city/neighborhood centers lying on major throughfares for the business model to work and to attract racists and counter protesters.


I passed by this sideshow on my run after work. It just seemed like a bunch of reddit losers waving thin blue line flags and chanting "Fuck Joe Biden." Real pathetic vibes. I've gotta imagine that even the cops wish these dorks would go home.

They usually show up over the Expressway one night each week in the Quincy stretch, I believe it was last week they had a "Fuck Biden" flag in addition to their thin blue line flags. Seems like a bit of mission creep to me...

…comment section is a cesspool.

Sure, not everyone sucks there and no one goes to unfettered internet communities for enlightened, nuanced takes…but I try never to click on the comment sections. It’s not the Herald comment section, but it’s too close for comfort.