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Jon Santiago, state rep and ER doctor, running for mayor

Our Boston Story

State Rep. Jon Santiago of the South End, who won his second term in November, announced this morning that he's running for mayor. Santiago, who is also an emergency-room doctor at Boston Medical Center, joins City Councilors Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell and Annissa Essaibi-George as announced candidates to replace Marty Walsh.




This guy helped South End gentrifiers oust Byron Rushing, and he cares so much about the neighborhood that now he's bailing after basically one term. Never liked him.

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Much more impressive than Michelle Wu wandering around on a flooded Morrisey Boulevard.

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Mr. Santiago is a great guy and understands diversity and the needs and challenges of the people in the city of Boston. I am very happy to hear this news and will definitely do what I can to help get him elected. Mr Santiago is a very fair and passionate person and in my opinion by far the best candidate in the race!!

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