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A little off the top

Mowing at Millennium Park

Mary Ellen watched a city mower doing the fall trim around the hill at the center of Millennium Park in West Roxbury. Although the top of the hill consists mainly of heavily manicured soccer fields, the sides are allowed to grow wild - but not too wild, to block the growth of any trees or other plants whose roots might puncture the liner.

Meanwhile, up in Downtown Crossing, crews were doing their annual post-time-change emptying of planters:


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There were a lot of loose critters in that three foot grass when I went running there yesterday, feral dogs off leashes plus actual wild animals, hope they didn’t get minced.

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As noted by Adam, the hill needs to remain a field vs. a forest so it needs to be mowed. It would be great to bring in goats or sheep to eat the greenery down but that's probably more complicated than having a mower come out. There's going to be some casualties.

If you have Apple TV+, the meadow episode of Tiny World is excellent, but might make you worry more about the creatures...

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The critters have sense enough to go scurrying away when they hear a giant mower like the one in the picture. Those things make a ton of noise.

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Hawks and foxes love those little mice, etc.

Feral cats, too.

The overlapping cut grass will give them a chance.

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Daylight Savings Time (DST) is no longer in effect. Possibly a typo for EST (Eastern Standard Time), which is now in effect here.

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... except the ones that are already there, in your photo?

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Not the sides, where the mowing is done. Presumably the folks in charge of the fields know that but I guess you could assume you're cleverer than they are...

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