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We could get heavy, wet snow tomorrow, so heed Dr. Paul Dudley White's advice

Paul Dudley White shoveling snow

On Jan. 10, 1957, a news photographer captured Dr. Paul Dudley White, then 70, shoveling snow along what looks to be Storrow Drive, where, later, a 17-mile bike and pedestrian path would be named in his honor.

Note how White is bending his knees - you'll want to replicate his stance with heavy snow. Also consider taking periodic breaks, especially if you've reached the age where you need to think about stuff like that.

White, who was born in Roxbury and graduated Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, helped found the American Heart Association and became a vocal advocate of preventative heart care - two years before he was captured shoveling snow, he advised one of his patients, who happened to be president of the United States at the time, to start riding a bike after suffering a heart attack. He also helped start the Framingham Heart Study.

Photo from the BPL's Brearley Collection of Boston news photos. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

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Where’s Don Kent, Bruce Shweglet & Shelby Scott when you need them when storms like these start approaching.

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Wearing a classy suit and a tie makes the job of shoveling snow look more dignified. I am adopting that practice starting tomorrow.

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is the cap w/earmuffs. And the galoshes are the perfect accessory.

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Note that it is most probably heavy-grade wool in that suit, which makes it warmer and more snow-friendly than cheaper modern suits.

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