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We may not be having much of a winter, but at least we're getting some good sunsets

Sunset over Back Bay and Beacon Hill

Tony Ursillo had a great seat for this evening's sunset over Beacon Hill, the Common and the Back Bay.

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Of what you wish for. Plenty of years people start complaining about our lack of snow, and then……. POW.

See 14-15 winter.


This winter has been moving along similarly to 2014-5.

We had an arctic vortex in December 2022 while the first of that fun in 2015 was around this time in January.

Otherwise the temp and humidity and barometric pressure stats are eerily similar.

If the cold/arctic body checking with warm/wet starts turning into a lovefest we are f*@&#d

The amount of moisture being pumped into the west coast by an unrelenting parade of atmospheric rivers is quite an x factor in the whole mess.

TL/DR: It ain't over yet. Not even close. We'll know by April.


So cold and windy today. I was out and about and it was hand numbing. The wind goes right through me.

We might get as much snow as London but more salt than anywhere else.

It's like a laser beam shooting over all of us once The All Powerful Mother Nature pressed the button for announcing her watchful eye is ever observing.

didn't really start up until the very end of January, and then was non-stop all through February.
I don't take anything for granted.


…. for a good old fashioned snowstorm.

Bite your tongue! Take a ride to Vermont for a weekend to get your snow fix ...

My niece lives near the Canadian border and she's been lamenting how much it looks more like April than January.

…. or my bike to Franklin Park to get my snow and cross country ski fix. For as long as global warming will permit it.
Try it sometime, while you can.

Are you sure that's not a suitcase nuke? /jk

...is WRONG today.

The amount of snowfall today is greater than the last two storms combined, and both of those were labeled Blue. But it still says "Green" at the time I posted this.

It very clearly is at least Yellow now. So give up on all activities and get the shovels ready, because the scourge of the seasons is now upon us. And as the other thread is saying, it's only gonna get worse before it gets better.

Hard to make french toast without it.