New DA might be softening that no-jail vow for certain offenses

CommonWealth interviews incoming Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins:

More recently, Rollins has seemed to temper the policy, saying the approach will be not to seek incarceration for first-time offenders for the list of 15 charges, but she stopped short of saying they would not face prosecution.



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Smart move....

Say something to get elected, and then change it, elaborate about it, etc.

Real great campaign and her manager should be applauded.

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It’s a work in progress

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The thing that amazes me is that I learned more about her in an article over a month after the general election and more than 3 months after the primary than I did beforehand. Her daughter was never mentioned, but the two nieces were.

I think she’ll do an okay job.

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She doesn't work for LEs

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Sorry if that sticks in your craw, but that is the way it should be.

Someone has to police the police - they clearly cannot police their own.

Rollins is quick to remind people that she doesn’t report to the police and, in part, will serve as a check on their behavior. Still, she needs to strike a balance in forming a cooperative relationship with law enforcement agencies her office will rely on to make cases, while living up to the reform agenda that led voters to make her the first woman ever elected Suffolk County’s chief prosecutor.

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The DA isn’t going to police

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The DA isn’t going to police the police, and that’s not her function.

BPD literally JUST charged a Statie with a very heinous crime, reinforcing a message to all of us that we are not above the law.

You voted for someone who ran on a campaign promise that she was never going to implement, and she knew it. She played you. Sorry if that sticks in your craw.

- a Boston Cop

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Um ...

She can charge officers with crimes when they commit crimes and send them to jail.

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No absolutes

If rather someone ask for the most suitable sentence for the circumstances and not follow some strict policy when it wouldn't be fitting.

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testing rachael

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so i was just downtown. i went into the Nike store on and stole a pair of Jordans that are normally $249.00!!! nobody said a word so i threw a rock through the window before i left. i then jumped into my unregistered, uninsured car and sped away. i didnt really know what to do with the shoes so i broke into an abandoned house where it was warm and dry and i left them there. then on my way out i saw my old GF!! she called me an asshole so i threw a brick through her windshield and told her id be back later to murder her. i saw some kids i knew from the neighborhood and they had some beers so i drank a few with them on the corner and then bought them more before i left. suddenly i was in the mood for some crack! i tried to find the couple i was partying with over the weekend on the common but no luck. i finally got some crack but it was way too much for me so i sold some of it to the kids outside the middle school. that's when i noticed the police were following me! i got my phone out to record it when they got out and started harassing me about the crack, shoplifting, vandalism, domestic violence, threats, RMV issues, B&E and all the peace i had disturbed, i know my rights so i started to run. one cop tackled me but i was able to kick him in the nuts and break free.check it out on youtube later.

i have a feeling this is going to be a crazy weekend. i might do some trespassing.

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Pure idiocy

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The 48 thumbs up on this comment represents the level of idiocy we are dealing with in this country right now. Her policy does not accommodate individuals who commit multiple crimes on the major at the same time. It is designed for first time low level offenders. We need to reopen the institutions for people like you.

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First Time Offender

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Since when have first time offenders for misdemeanors gone to jail?

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They don’t but this election

They don’t but this election was won by making Boston look like Deep South 1960’s. If anyone has spent any time I Dorchester or Roxbury court they’d see these cases being resolved in 10 other ways other than sending people to jail. But it doesn’t fit her narrative and the media never checked her on it.

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Juvenile or adult?

Many juveniles have been detained on minor offenses. This is usually done because of non crime related safety concerns.

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So then what happens with background checks?

I am admittedly uninformed on this topic...

Do these incidents appear in a pre-employment background or CORI check? For some issues, I would prefer to know about that from a screening prrspective. Case 1) shoplifting.. so, my V8 juice disappears from the office fridge weekly, now I have to be more diligent? Ugh..

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